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Content Really Is King When Used Correctly

contentYou may have heard the phrase, “Content is king” and wonder why it’s such an important phrase in the web world. Well, in all honesty, if you don’t have superior content, your website is going to be less than successful.

What you have to remember is this: the words, verbage, copy – call it what you like, has to be like a magnet that brings people in, or it repels them. You want every crafted piece of work you do to get picked up by the search engine spiders along with your visitors. No content means you don’t attain the attention of a single thing.

Yes, content is going to take up your time and can be expensive. After all, you need to think about your topics, then you need to research them and, finally, you have to write a quality, grammar and spelling mistake free article or create other types of content.

This guide was designed to help you in the content marketing niche, especially when it comes to blogging and similar sites. Attention will be intently focused on content marketing in terms of social and viral marketing along with SEO. You’ll be shown how to use your content to bring traffic to your website and attain sales.

You’ll find out the simplest ways to develop content without feeling overwhelmed from the amount of time and money you have to spend to produce this outstanding content.

Are you ready to learn about content marketing? if so, I have two questions to ask you and they are:

1 – What’s Your Purpose?

2 – What Are You Looking For From The Content?

It’s essential, before you create any kind of content – article, video, picture, etc. – that you lay out your key purpose in creating it. There are all kinds of reasons to develop content such as:

  • Attain sales to your products
  • Attain sales for affiliate products
  • Attain clients to use your services
  • Boost the blog subscriber base
  • Boost your email subscriber list

While you may want to do every one of these things, you need to determine what your key purpose is to produce the material you’re going to work on.


Why is this so important?

The reason it’s so important is that you need to know what you’ll be promoting in each piece of material. You don’t want to have a bunch of calls-to-action on every post you create posted onto the website or blog. You only need ONE!

This call-to-action could be asking folks to purchase your product, sign up for your subscriber list or whatever you want them to do. You’ll want to have this on every piece of content you create.

Do you need to have the same call-to-action on your material?

The simple answer to that is: NO!

Consider that you have a post on animal collars. You could link the call-to-action step to your squeeze page that provides your readers with a how-to guide on buying animal collars. This is what is known as your lead magnet.

Then you can create a post about dog training, and create another lead magnet on dog training.

Of course, you don’t need different lead magnets on every piece of content you create. That’s just dumb! However, you need to have a lead magnet that’s close to your material’s topic in order to be extremely effective.


Let’s lay out another example for you…

We’ll pretend you have a do-it-yourself solar panel kit which you want to market to your readers. While this may be what you want to promote, do you need to promote it on every piece of content you develop. No!

Say you want to create an article on how to use solar energy while living in an apartment. Do you think it would go over well?

Probably not! As most folks can’t make changes to an apartment building themselves. The chances of you selling your do-it-yourself solar panel kit is not going to go over well… even if some readers really would like to do something like this.

Therefore, you must think about what your content’s purpose is before you put pen to paper, albeit on a computer screen these days. If you want to sell a do-it-yourself solar panel kit, and that’s the key goal you have on your website, you don’t want to write an article on how apartment dwellers can do this. They are not your target market!

Once you’ve determined what your content’s primary purpose is, you can begin planning the content and your marketing strategy.


It’s Time To Plan Out Your Content

When it comes to the planning stage, most folks tend to skip it. And, that’s a huge mistake. It may seem easy to create your content, but there are reasons you really need to plan it out instead.  Will you follow your plan all the time?

No  you won’t!

After all, if you’ve got time-sensitive material you’ve got to get to or some type of breaking content you need to get out, you can break away from the plan and add in that content.

There are, however, five key reasons you should plan out your content:

  • You don’t miss a holiday or other event
  • You don’t know what you want to develop
  • You can easily see what you’ve done already
  • You can see what topics need to be covered within your niche
  • You can easily create your content, even when you don’t feel totally into it

The process can be done a lot easier with the help of several WordPress plugins. Just as an example, one plug-in you can use includes the “Editorial Calendar” plugin, found here:  (It’s a free plug so no need to worry about me making affiliate commission).

Bear in mind that there are many positive and negative aspects to each plugin, so remember that when you check them out, before installing and activating them on your website.

It’s always good to have a plan that stretches over at least a month or more in advance. Some bloggers will even plan for a year or more ahead of time. Yes, you can continue to add “breaking content” to your blog but, with a plan, you can see what you’re doing for the foreseeable future so you don’t miss something or repeat a topic.

When you have an editorial calendar to go by, it makes it easier for you to think of article topics, even if you’re not ready to put everything together. All you need to do is add the note to the calendar and you can act on it when you’re ready to do so.

This can be extremely helpful if you’ve got many authors for a blog. You can set up the content for each of your writers without any overlaps in topics. You don’t want four writers creating articles on the same topic during the same week, unless the topics go in different directions.


How To Develop Amazing, Eye-Catching Content

Okay, so you’ve got your content plan all laid out. Now is the moment you start developing it. Don’t forget what your main goal is, (we mentioned this earlier), so you can add in your calls-to-action in each piece of material you create.
What kinds of calls-to-action could you actually have?

  • Lead magnet that gets people to opt-in
  • Link to buy your promoted product
  • Call to follow you on your social media pages
  • Requests to leave comments on the page regarding the article
  • Inter-link to another similar piece of material on your site, or link to someone else’s website/blog

Those calls-to-action need to support the purpose you laid out earlier. It doesn’t really matter if you’re trying to sell your product, have more opt-in subscribers or increase your traffic. You want these calls-to-action to reflect your purpose.

For every piece of content created, it needs to, in some shape or form, support your goal. For instance, if the key purpose is to promote your business marketing website, you don’t want to develop content on producing graphics. Unless, of course, you’re able to write and draw too.

Never create material just because you want traffic coming to your website unless that really is your primary goal. Getting the most traffic is great if you plan to brag about it or sell the site later on down the road.

Remember: All content needs to give support to your primary goal.

If you’re having problems coming up with topics, you can browse websites that are similar to yours along with any social media websites to find out what’s popular at the moment. One of the best social media websites you can check out for ideas is Pinterest. Check out the popular section of its website along with seeing what articles have been re-pinned more often.

Next, you’ll learn why you should check out other niche-related websites to help you come up with content without needing to write unique material every time you’re going to add to your website.


How To Create Content Much More Easily

Creating content can be both costly and time consuming, especially if you develop unique content 100 percent of the time. The problem is you need to have one-of-a-kind content to rank high up in search engine results.

There’s a bit of a silver lining though…

You can use other peoples verbage and turn it into plagiarism-free unique content – no spinning, no stealing and no significant amount of time being involved.  This is called:


Curating content

There are many ways in which this can be done.  What are some of the benefits you get by using other people’s content on your website?

  • Roundups
    You create lists of posts related to yours from other websites. For instance, you can create a post named, “10 Ways You Can Save Money On Vacation”. Then, all you need to do is link it to different articles on that topic on various websites.
  • Lists
    This kind of post is actually simple to do. All you need to do is think of several things that are similar to your topic and list them. For instance, “5 Important Tips To Planning Your Vacation”.
  • Videos
    You can add a YouTube video to your website and provide a short video description. The description you have is going to be the unique content, but it just means you don’t have to come up with a unique video – just the summary of it.
  • Single Article Curation
    You can link to a post on another website using a short description.
  • FAQ Posts
    Come up with a list of commonly asked questions people tend to have about a certain topic and link them to articles that will answer each and every one of them.
  • People to Follow
    Come up with a list of YouTube channels, websites, blogs and other things in your niche that you can follow.
  • Comparisons
    Come up with a list of several similar items, comparing them and contrasting them. For instance, “What type of dog collar is best for a poodle?”
  • Profile Posts
    Come up with a quick profile regarding a popular person within your niche. Then, link that post to a more comprehensive article about them.

These are just some of the many ideas on the kinds of posts you can develop without a lot of effort being put forth in generating unique content on your own. Good luck!


How To Use PLR For Your Content

Don’t overlook the usefulness of PLR content. What is PLR? It stands for private label rights content, which is written by another person and the rights are sold to people who wish to use it for their own projects.

PLR content, however, should not be published as is. This may have been fine at one time but search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have gotten wiser. There’s just no way you can leave it untouched anymore.

This also true of “spun” articles, where the material is spun in to many versions using a software program that will change out words and phrases for similar words and phrases. Google can actually spot this very easily, and your website will be penalized if you do this. This particular content marketing strategy is very over-rated.

With PLR content as the groundwork for your articles, you can combine several articles into one new article, or you can split one PLR article into many articles with the expansion of several topics from within that article.

You should never use PLR content “as is” but you can use it to produce some ideas for other work. Put your own unique twist to it and you can turn any PLR into something completely new and even other formats, like video and, or audio files, for example.

Other Kinds Of Media You Can Use

Keep in mind that there are all kinds of content you can create, not just articles. Other media types can also bring traffic to your website.

It’s important to keep in mind that images and video are far easier to share than written material, and much more popular too. This is why you should offer them up in your website. It’s easy for videos and pictures to go viral. And, it’s extremely important that you have material that goes viral because it leads to more traffic than content that’s not shareable.

If you can’t create any of your own high-quality and images, you can use other people’s digital work to bring in traffic. As you read about earlier, other people’s content can used in your posts – all you need to do is embed or link their content into it. This will boost your content’s shareability.

What are some of the various media types you can use for your website?

  • Infographics – charts, stats, etc.
  • Memes – pictures that have funny sayings
  • Picture collages
  • Inspirational images – pictures that have inspirational quotes
  • PDFs
  • Audio
  • Video

There is no doubt how important content is to the survival of any website. After all, no content means no traffic. Content is the groundwork of the Internet, and in order to be successful, you need it!

There’s no reason to spend a lot of money or time producing your content. With a solid laid-out plan put together with content curation, you can easily develop amazing content.


What You Need To Remember:

  • Your main goal while developing your content
  • Develop shareable content – information people will want to share with other folks
  • Using other kinds of media with your written material

With these things kept in the forefront of your mind, you can start seeing an increase in

ticle_traffic" target="_blank">traffic to your pages. That’s because you’re developing material people want to read and share.

On top of that, using other people’s content (OPC), you can focus on material that’s gone viral and increase the chances of your material being shared far and wide.

And now, with this information in your mind, it’s time to get busy with your content! Good luck!

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