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Email Marketing Ideas

Take Your Business to the Next Level With These
Email Marketing Ideas

There are as many email marketing ideas around as there are ways to make money online and the whole list is beyond the scope of this article but it has to be said that one of the most financially rewarding ways of running an online business is by email marketing.

When implemented the right way, anyone can take their online business to the next level.

Creating good content or products that you make available to your readers, if done properly, will get you an army of volunteers that will promote your business to their friends and the online communities that they frequent.

One very quick and cheap way to promote yourself and your business is to incorporate the facilities that are available online to do just that. So, add the now famous share buttons to the large social media websites and see your content go viral. This is actually one of the best email marketing ideas because your list will grow.

email marketing ideasInteraction is a vital part of email marketing and while you can give your subscribers freebies and point them towards other sites of interest, it is well worth the time and effort needed to react to your messages – or at least some of them.

A great way to do that is to ask your readers to tell you what they want. Never fear, they will tell you.

You could even send your readers a link that leads them to your website, or blog, where you could perhaps post a quiz or ask them some questions that they could answer. You are only limited by your own imagination here, but these tactics do work.

A few other things you could do is to promote your e-mail marketing business is to have a link in every website profile you create, and add a link to your business,  in the form of a signature link, in every e-mail you send.

Of course, when set-up the correct way your online marketing business will run almost by itself, even while you are asleep or away on vacation, because of the automated email marketing strategies that would be in place – taking care of making you money.

One thing that you may already be aware of, depending on your email account settings or your spam filter, is the fact that whenever the American dollar sign shows in a subject line of an e-mail or, at times, in the content of an e-mail it is swiftly re-directed to the spam folder.

Other words would also set off red flags that would, or potentially mark you email as spam.

A few of these trigger words are:

  • Money
  • Free
  • Guarantee

The complete list of such trigger words is a long one and they are to be found in, but not limited to, niches or areas like these:




General Finance

Business Finance






Descriptions and Adjectives


Calls to Actions

Sense of Urgency


So if you want to run a successful email campaign, you must get up to date with what is allowed and what is not. Otherwise it could cost you dearly.

Less is Good

Too many websites have optin boxes that require too much information from potential subscribers.

It is enough for the most part to just ask for a person’s e-mail address and no more than that.

Most people these days are “net savvy” and they know that an e-mail that starts with a mention of their name is just created automatically. But it is okay to ask for name and e-mail when asking for someone’s details.

Whatever your niche is, make sure you regularly visit other sites within the same market and see what the successful sites are doing.

Check a sites source code and see what you c

an learn from that.

Do market research and discover what backlinks the site has, where they come from and how many.

This will help you to help your site climb through the ranks and hopefully get you more unique visitors that would potentially opt-in to your mailing list.

Always make sure your site is user friendly, and offer at lease one good incentive for someone to join your list.

There are lots of other email marketing ideas that are beneficial to anyone wanting to make money from email marketing, but for now we hope you have grasped some of the main points necessary to be successful.

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