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Email Marketing Tips For All

Email Marketing Tips Anyone Can Use

There are various ways of marketing products and services, both online and offline, but this article is mainly focussed on the aspect of email marketing and in particular email marketing tips.

To create an email for the purpose of marketing tangible or digital products and services is basically just an extension of writing a post on a website or blog.

email marketing tipsHowever, e-mail marketing is not only about sending an endless stream of offers to buy to your lists. Such a strategy would die a quick death.

A few email marketing tips follow the same norms as creating posts. For example, it is well worth reducing the bulk of any images by compressing image size, which results in faster loading when viewed by the reader.

There are free programs available online to do this.

New to eMail Marketing?

If you are new to email marketing and you are in doubt about the content, or readability of your work send them to a friend, or two, and see what they have to say – and don’t ever forget,  not under any circumstances  to send yourself a copy also. After all, it would not be good to send out e-mails that contain typos of any kind.

One mistake marketers make is to forget to update their e-mail sequence. This generally happens when an online marketer enjoys success and the benefits of a large list, or even several. Earlier e-mail campaigns may well have pointed readers to a product page or informative website and the product may no longer be available, or a website no longer exists.

Hopefully, you will succeed with email marketing, so don’t fall victim to forgetfulness.

It is perfectly acceptable to ask your readers if they acted upon a recommendation, or whether they bought a product you promoted. Ask them directly and follow through on any feedback you receive.

We are all human so don’t panic or have fits of embarrassment should you make a mistake. Instead, mention it to your subscribers and if you corrected the mistake, make light of it. We have all been there.

Learn the ins and outs of the autoresponder service that you use for your e-mail marketing business. Pay attention to things like unsubscribe rate, what days give the best open rates, or not. Control as much as you can and analyse the results.

The more you interact with the people who gave you their

contact details, the more success you will have. Never just mail an offer in the hope that someone will buy it, because if you do you will regret it for a long time to come.

Internet marketing is somewhat like a puzzle with a lot of small pieces that we need to fit together, but once fitted together you can make a very good online income and especially by implementing these email marketing tips.


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