Emotional Infidelity And What To Do About It

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Emotional Infidelity And What To Do About It

Emotional Infidelity Happens A Lot

Emotional infidelity is considered, by some, to be just as bad as infidelity itself, even though emotional infidelity does not necessarily involve actually meeting someone or extra marital activity.

Basically emotional infidelity is considered an affair “of the heart” which has the same intimacy and emotional closeness, minus the physical consummation of a full blown affair.

Marriage is something which is a moment in everyone’s lives that is always yearned for and when the big day arrives we want to cherish it forever.

emotional infidelityThis is especially true for women due to the fact that they are more emotionally involved and content with the actual idea of marriage itself.

Although this may be the norm, men do share the same feelings regarding marriage albeit on a different scale, which is much lower as compared to that of a woman.

This doesn’t mean though that the idea of marriage is something which is not important to men, because it is.

In fact, it is men who are the ones who extensively prepare for their marriage in their own way. It’s just that they don’t think about it with the same intensity as women do.

Of course, after marriage will be the time for honeymoon and lovemaking. This will hopefully give birth to a child who will be the key to a happy and growing family.

However, a family life cycle doesn’t end with just merely the conception of a new born baby, it’s rather the opposite – it is here that family life really begins.

The parents will have to take good care of their child and raise the child in the best manner that they possibly can until the child becomes independent enough to start his or her life as a young adult.

The problem though with this phase in the family life cycle is that there are a lot of hurdles and temptations along the way that may lead to having what some people call an infidelity marriage.

In such circumstances, this may then in turn result in separation or divorce.

Acts of emotional infidelity between couples is very common nowadays.

It’s hard to maintain a perfectly happy relationship, but even more so if your family is experiencing problems regarding finances and the like.

Life is hard and it’s not getting easier, so emotional infidelity becomes an outlet for the release of stress and depression.

This however is not a valid excuse that could justify any acts that are leaned towards infidelity.

Lots of men feel “pushed out” when a child arrives and his partner who once lavished him with tender loving care seems to funnel all her love towards the new born child.

This feeling of rejection from a male point of view is unfounded, as it is the most natural thing in the world for a mother to instinctively adore, love and cherish her child. This is what mothers do.

Sadly, a high percentage of men misinterpret this as a sign of indifference to them. So, instead of stepping up to the plate as a mature man and fulfilling his role as both a father and a partner.

There are many examples and reasons as to why someone starts having an affair.

One scenario could be, as an example, the man – as it is very easy to log online – vents his self felt disappointment by “reasserting his manhood” by having single and attractive females reply to a profile he has created online – that he feels describes him best – and finding someone that finds him attractive and desirable.

Now, this is in a way understandable – to a certain point – not that it is okay.

However, women also need to be able to discuss the ups and downs of parenthood with her partner and if couples did actually speak to each other – maybe these kinds of situations could be avoided.

After all, if you have an unhappy marriage or you are having relationship problems, it is better to talk things over amicably, instead of letting things fester and get out of control where you end up needing marriage counseling.

So how do you avoid the pitfalls that could make your relationship into an infidelity marriage?

First of all, you yourself should avoid the temptations and instead focus on working at your relationship, or marriage and raising your child.

You should always keep in mind that if you do anything that would jeopardize your relationship with your spouse then it is the child that will be mostly affected by the situation.

The child will most probably suffer a less happier life than he deserves, all through no fault of his own.

It is not uncommon in such situations that there will be repercussions resulting from the perceived bad and selfish behavior of the parents, or who ever is to blame.

The childand will most likely rebel against both of you for being so selfish.

Of course, you do not want that to happen so stay away at all costs from anything that could lead to disaster.

If it is your partner who is b

eing unfaithful then you should weigh the circumstances of acting recklessly before you do so, for this will, most likely than not, result in an instant separation.

The best thing to do is to talk to your spouse in a calm manner and try to know what the problem is or whatever it is which is bothering him or her.

This way, there will be far better chances of saving your marriage and family.

The best bet however – is to take action before anything like emotional infidelity is allowed into your lives and ruin what should be a very happy marriage.

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