The Ups and Downs of Having An Affair

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The Ups and Downs of Having An Affair

Nowadays, having an affair with someone can be fun and at the same time it can be quite exciting even when the other person lives quite a way away from you.

It’s a fact that due to the fact that the advancement of technology certain things have changed in the way we communicate.

Because just over a decade ago, it was very hard to maintain an ongoing relationship with anyone that you did not work with or live in the same house with.

Now, not only can you get in touch with almost anyone at any time of the day or night, it is possible to cross borders and chat with someone in any part of the world, provided that they have a computer with a working internet connection.


Having An Affair Online

People do develop internet relationships and yes, people do have online affairs.

There are many kinds of internet relationships that have been formed since we were blessed with the internet and personal computers, and likewise there are many kinds of infidelity.

Thinking back, having an affair online became possible because of the invention of the email system. Initially, the email system was supposed to be only used for work related matters.

But since people are naturally innovative, a gateway for other uses of this system has been uncovered through combining the speed of the internet and the convenience of email.

This is the turning point where online chatting came about and everything seemed to be kicked up a notch or two in the world of communication. This in turn resulted to the faster formation of the said relationships and cheaters could start having an affair.

The most common use of the internet these days is to entertain ones self. Besides work and research, a great bulk of the younger computer literate population is also active in online gaming. In these functions of the world wide web, contact with other people is inevitable.

having an affairThere will always be something known as the communication life cycle which basically involves a sender, message and a receiver. This is how and from where most online relationships, or affairs are born.

Compared to the traditional relationships, intimate online affairs can be at times, more complex to handle. It actually depends on whether the involved partners have already met in real life or not.

This can be considered as an arguable topic and a debatable issue for some. However, this does not change the fact that online relationships are now growing more rampant whichever purpose they may serve.

If you take a closer look at it, these relationships close the gap between spouses, relatives and lovers alike who are apart from each other. The probability of infidelity is increased and ties are also strengthened.

Of course, if there are benefits then there will always be disadvantages brought about by the same thing. In online relationships, especially those wherein the couple have not met, there is a large possibility that one is using the other.

This is because the internet is always anonymous unless you know personally who you are communicating with.

This becomes the shield, or mask if you prefer, for people with malicious intents to act out their mischievous deeds and it is quite unfortunate that a lot of innocent people fall prey to this form of emotional abuse and are victimized by these parasites.

If you are up for having an affair then do yourself, and others in your life, a big favor and think of the consequences your actions might have, before you venture out on such a journey.

As a responsible user of the internet, you should always make sure that you are protected by not giving your full trust to strangers.

If you come across, or “meet” someone on line that you don’t feel completely at ease with – follow your instincts and walk away from this person – because no matter what he, or she, has told you – they are after all, a stranger.


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