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How to Make Money at Home Online Like a Guru

If You Are Curious About
How To Make Money At Home – Read On…

How to make money at home is something that most people wish they could do. Especially in these financially difficult times we live in.

Humans are funny creatures and whether we like it or not, curiosity plays a huge role in our daily lives.

Let’s face it, no-one likes humdrum days and weeks melding into a soggy mess, so an injection of excitement whether it be a touch of hot gossip, some controversial news, or getting into the mind of a serial killer on television, gets our attention.

A great majority of us – even if we refuse to admit it in public, just love controversial stories, celebrity gossip, or watching a group of people on TV who get stuck in a house, who have no contact with the outside world, for eight weeks.

What has this got to do with how to make money at home?

how to make money at homeWell, for the most part, it’s how successful online marketers, the self-acclaimed gurus, sell their products.

In this day and age when our job feels as safe as an antelope surrounded by lions, the gurus know (as do we) that thousands people are curious and itching to know about the ‘secrets’ of  how to make money at home online.

The truth is that these gurus are not so far removed from you, they just know what works and how to make money at home.  The ‘secret’ boils down to that they know about human emotions and what to write that will, for example, shock or scare you into buying their digital, information products.

They will ask you what will happen if you lose your job, then proceed to describe the aftermath in such detail that you are compelled to avoid that situation by buying their product.

If you study the gurus, you will hear stories about how they were once like you.

They will tell you how they struggled to make ends meet and how all their dreams suddemly came true.

They will go on to share how they discovered how to make money at home while sipping margaritas on a white sandy beach, while money poured into their bank accounts at such a rate that they had more money, when they came home from a vacation, than they had before they even left home.

With all due respect, we are so gullible.

No wonder we buy their promises!

In fact, they will tell you that they have been in worse situations than you – some have been homeless, earned wages flipping burgers, had to sleep in their car for months on end, spent time in jail, generally hitting rock bottom.

They are identifying with your low moments, and this makes you curious to learn the exact same ways of how to make money at home.

After all, if they can do it – so can we. (Where have I read that before?)

You Are NOT Going To Believe This

Another way that gurus use curiosity is to get us to open their emails.  (I hope you noticed the deliberate sub-header just above here!)

We are bombarded with emails every day, but which ones do we open?

Without a doubt – it will be the ones that interest us and make us curious to read more.

Take a note of subjects of the emails you open – I will guarantee you that the majority of them will be a question or statement that makes you want to read more about, or something controversial.

This is great way to study how the gurus know how to make money at home – with curiosity in email marketing.

This is the Power of Curiosity

Other gurus will stand out of the crowd by being controversial – using colorful language, humor and imagery that captures the imagination.

Whether that be changing the lyrics of a Britney Spears song to sell a product, or by insulting your readers and telling them that if they don’t buy your produ

cts, they must be  losers. (Not recommended for use by those who do not know how to carry this off by the way!)

They are tactics that work and can help you make money online too.

This may seem a hard act to follow, as you will hear that it all has been done before.  But really it comes down to just being yourself.

You are unique, you have emotions, you have a sense of humor, so harness that and don’t be afraid to be controversial, and make people curious,  then you will be more than half way to discovering how to make money at home yourself.

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