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Infidelity Is Easier Thanks to the Internet

Infidelity Is On The Increase

Infidelity is thriving, but with the correct know how it is very easy to catch a cheater and no one should be subjected to any kind of abuse, be that pysical or pyschological.

However, this article is not about how to catch a cheater – read on…

infidelityIn this ever changing world of ours, things change so quickly it feels like an ongoing fight to keep up with it all.

Some things evolve so quickly, that just when we think we are up to date and on board with the latest trend or fashion, everything is outdated and a newer version has hit the streets.

What ever happened to the good old fashioned values of yester-year when what we had “was good enough”? People seemed to be more content with live and what they had.

Living in the fast lane can be exciting – but it has its price, its advantages and its disadvantages. Its good sides and its bad sides – and ranking high on the side of “Bad” is infidelity.

Not too long ago married couples celebrated their Silver wedding and Gold wedding anniversaries – when they got that far, or course – yet it was considered “normal” – but statistics today show a change in the way we are and the way we behave.

Today, it is neither incorrect, nor unfair to say that most people have a better chance of celebrating two Copper weddings than one Silver wedding celebration.

For whatever reason, people just don’t seem to stay together any more, or at least not as they had hoped when they exchanged vows on their wedding day.

It is proven that the divorce rate is rising faster than a dog chases a rabbit.

In America the divorce rate is over 80% for first time marriages and in Scandinavia, where it is not uncommon or frowned upon to live in a wedless relationship, it is reported to be over 60%.

Let’s take a closer look at what has happened – for example, lovers used to write hand written letters to each other and express their emotions in a romantic manner. This small gesture ensured that a couple’s feelings would grow, remain intact and help them strengthen.

Although this still exists today mostly in the form of online e-cards, text messages and the like, the authenticity has just simply disappeared and the change is so huge that it is considered different from the practices of the past.

The main culprit for the decline in romanticism and commitment is the progressive development of technology and to be more specific, the internet.

The lightning speed connections, instant access and other spontaneous functions have made way to the increase in various acts of infidelity amongst partners.

A perfect example would be a married man or woman who logs onto a chat site – the trouble is these so called chat sites are also dating sites, albeit in the guise of an innocent virtual meeting place – maybe because it is a way to pass the time away.

But it is amazing what can be said to flatter someone and get their attention. Then one thing leads to another. We don’t need to have a detailed explanation here.

Although it is understandable that people will seek attention elsewhere if they don’t get it at home, there is the issue of mutual respect.

Just imagine if you are the partner of a sly and deceiving cheat, wouldn’t you feel betrayed, hurt and somewhat perplexed as to why he or she is still making contact with other members of the opposite, or same sex when they already have you? It simply is unacceptable and forgiveness in this case seems to be a tall order.

However, it is not only negative things that were brought about by the advent of the internet.

Actually, there are more positive things that we people have had access to as compared to the detrimental ones.

In fact, communication has been made so much easier thanks to technology that you will have no problem at all getting in touch with your partner wherever he or she may be located around the world.

It’s just that people are naturally stubborn and decide to do what is wrong even if the right choice is just a blink away. In this case, this is through exploiting instant communication as a means to cheat on your partner without being caught red-handed.

So what can you do to combat infidelity?

Well, you can start by being a role model through maintaining your faithfulness to your partner. It may be hard to resist temptations but it is not impossible. All you need to do is to be firm and stand fast.

Always remember that in a relationship, it is never a one-way street for if it is then it’s not something that you could call mutual love.

Treat your partner the way you want to be treated and stay away from the chat sites and the online dating scenes.

After all, with the emphasis on dating, it is for single people. Right?


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