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Internet Marketing Moves That Work Very Well

internet marketingInternet marketing gurus tell us time and time again that the “make money online” market is a hard niche to get into, it is saturated and there’s no room for the new kid on the block to make any money, let alone easy money.

But hey – there’s obviously a market because how many times have you bought something on this exact same topic? How much have you spent on internet marketing products over time? I bet hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

You are not alone. Welcome to the club…!

The majority of new, or so called new products that are sold each and every day are related to the internet marketing niche.

Also, it is a recognized fact that there are far more people trying to enter the world of internet marketing than there are internet marketing products on sale or product creators. In turn, this must mean there is a demand for internet marketingfor products. So, as the saying goes, go figure…!

But like lions at a watering hole, waiting to pounce on any and every unsuspecting victim, the internet marketing gurus and the internet street savvy wise guys are waiting for you.

They are going try their level best to convince you to part with your money.

I am going to unveil some of the mystique surrounding internet marketing and do my best to help you understand the money sucking codes.

Some of the things you will read here will not shock you, but they will make you sit up and think, and probably help you save some of your hard earned cash.

We are not going to try and reinvent the wheel here – please remember that..!

But at the same time, also remember this: “If you can’t beat ém – join ém!”


There’s no picking away at the surface here – no fluff, let’s cut to the chase and get right at it!

But prior to that – because this is a long post that will cover several areas of internet marketing, here is a short introduction of what you can read as you scroll down the pages :

  New Is An Old Word – Give Me A New Word

  The “Fear Factor” Is Alive & Well

  Playing On The “Perceived”

  Make Money From “Making Money”

  The Persona Is Quicker Than The Eye

  You Can STILL Make Money From Your List

  The Exaggeration Factor

  Bums DO Earn Money Online

  Squeezing Out Profits

  SEO Myth and Trick

 Cheap Is Back In Style


You can call them what you want, but if you use the same techniques, – that are explained throughout this post, and used by successful internet marketers, then you too will see a serious increase in your online profits.

As an FYI, (for your information), these internet marketing techniques can also be useful offline.

To those of you who are already active in the internet marketing field, you may recognize many of these “smart tricks” but may have, in your haste, overlooked them. Or not given them much thought.

For those of you who are brand new to internet marketing, this report will give you a bit of a decryption method when it comes to discovering what makes YOU want to spend money, and how not to feel pressured in to doing it when you can’t, or don’t want to.

Knowing the tricks ahead of time brings you that much closer to winning the money zapping battle with the army of intelligent internet marketers ready to shout a resounding “YES!” with every credit card swipe, albeit a click on the digital buy now button that sends more cash to their bank accounts.


New Is An Old Word – Give Me A New Word


This has to be the “crème de la crème” as far as internet marketing is concerned.

You may ask why and I will tell you why. Picture this scenario:

Author comes up with a new product.

Sells product to other interested parties.

Product ages, collects dust, gets old, gets forgotten.

Time passes, someone gets a hold of it. Could even be the original author.

Knows it’s an older product, but decides to “re-vamp” it. Jazz it up a bit and modernize it. Update it.

Thus, an old forgotten product that is still useful gets re-announced and made re-valuable.

In other words, you take a product and give it a make-over. Give it a new e-cover, make a few changes to the content, possibly make a new website if necessary. Eureka! A newer version of an old internet marketing product emerges giving you a chance to make profit from an old product.

Of course, this method also works miracles with private label products. In fact, it works better. Why? Well, for starters, you can re-word the entire product if you want to.

You can legally claim total ownership, name yourself as the original author, and insert all your internet marketing affiliate links to make the product one hot cash cow.

Hot cash cow?

A so called hot cash cow is any product that can generate several sources of income.

One source of income would be made by selling the product outright to your customers.

But the multiple streams of income would be those that are created by inserting your own internet marketing affiliate links to other people’s products you are selling for which you receive a handsome commission.

It’s easy to do and here’s how to do it…

First, be sure that you can legally make changes to the product you’ve chosen. Whether this is via re-branding or the fact that you bought and now own the rights to the product.

Then, open up your selected product.

Next, put in your affiliate or other product sales page link(s) as directed by the original author or creator of the product.

Save your changes. Done!


That’s why I say that private label products are best suited for this method since the above process can be done quickly, and more importantly, easily using them.

The benefits to doing this are twofold to you. First, you get a pre-made product that you can make changes to in turn creating something entirely “new”. Secondly, you can convert that old profit sucker into a multiple money maker by adding your affiliate or additional product links.

Once you have your own new product, market it, make profit and repeat.


The “Fear Factor” Is Alive & Well


Fear causes tension. Fear makes people anxious. Thank goodness for that! In a nice way, of course.

If you are honest, and you thought you was “going to miss the boat”, so to speak, you would be inclined to take immediate ACTION. That’s the point of the fear factor – to make you take action.

But, there’s more to it than just that. It’s how you WORD it that really gets people’s blood pumping.

Let’s assume you have written what you believe to be a KILLER sales letter. Then, when you type up your “call to action” you say. . .

“Hurry. This Offer Ends Soon!”

Duh! Okay. But when is “soon”? Exactly the point!

Soon is such a broad definition in terms of time, isn’t it? Soon could be two days from now, or two weeks from now. It’s great for marketers to try and keep their “special offer” alive for an undisclosed amount of time. But really, it hurts them in the long run by not picking a designated date and time.

Make sure that when you use the “fear factor” you give your customers a deadline. And whatever you do, stick to that deadline! The fear factor only works if you make a date and then remove your offer when the date is reached.

Yes, you may miss out on a few sales. But think about it this way, the next time you run a time limited special offer your customers will know they had better take you up on it or miss out and forever. Your gain. Their LOSS.

Now, continuing on with our above “call to action” how about if you put it like this:


“Hurry! This Is An Explosive Offer And Will Self-Destruct
On The 27th Of This Month.”

It’s even a good idea to throw in a little javascript counter to really make them sweat.

Then finish up with something along the lines of. . .

“If you come back here after the above date, I cannot guarantee you this page will still be here.

You MUST ACT NOW to take advantage of this special offer or be locked out forever!”


This is precisely how the “fear factor” is supposed to work. Offer your customers something grand, put a specific time frame on it, (a few days usually works great), give them an unbeatable price for what they are getting, and then rip it away from them like a thief in the night.

This definitely works great. Especially for those out there that are in need of fast cash and simply cannot wait weeks or months for it.

Plus, this will also work when amassing your army of affiliates too. I recommend using this gem for anyone that wants to have a massive product launch that is scheduled to run for a set amount of time. It WILL work to your overall advantage.


Playing On The “Perceived”

As an Internet Marketer I know too well about the power of perception. And, how it applies to selling digital products. If YOU are unaware of just how important this is, then I strongly encourage you to inwardly digest every single word of this chapter.

Let me tell you what the power of perception is. The power of perception is a non-existent value placed on, in this case, a digital product with regards to its bulk, and not on its actual value gained from the written words within it.

To put it another way – the bigger the book is, the more perceived value it has.

Most people think along these lines, but that is WRONG way to think. The reason why is this – some of the best information can be found within the tiniest of places. Meaning, you don’t need a 600 page manual costing $197 on fly fishing to teach you how to do it. In essence, all you really need is a 5 to 15 page guide that costs a pittance.

You may think you need 600 pages because the information is so massive that it MUST be worth the $197 asking price. But it isn’t.

And, the reason why you find so many “fluffy” digital information products on the market is for that very reason – BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU NEED THAT MANY PAGES FOR THE PRODUCT TO BE WORTH THE MONEY.

I can almost bet that you can find a 350 page product on “How To Earn Money Online” and another one with just 25 pages that provides you with almost the EXACT same information.

What’s the difference between the 350 page product and the 25 page one? The number of pages. That’s all. The author of the 350 page product is destined to sell more than the other author solely based upon the number of pages. And NOT the quality of the information.

Talking of size, does not mean how pages an e-book has. if the e-book has extra products attached to it, such as videos, a training course, a members’ Facebook group, audio files – all these, or just one of them, gives more perceived value to a product and the seller often sells these as an OTO, or one time offer. Most times with an oto1,oto2 and more! This equates to more profit for the seller.

Playing on perception is all about quantity and NOT quality.

So, if you are a fluid writer, than by all means, let your words fly onto the digital pages and come out with a 200 page ebook, guide, or report. Okay, so what if you have 150 pages of useless information and only 50 pages of REAL, “meat and potatoes” content that is useful to your customers. You are providing them with what they want… their perception of their own non-existent value they have placed on your product.

That’s why using the power of perception in your products is an ingenious stroke when compiling, and then selling them to the general public.

This dirty little trick is highly recommended to all authors and writers. And, it’s even recommended to those that aren’t authors first. Using it can make your product release even more spectacular and could launch you into fame as a writer.


Make Money From “Making Money”

We all need it to make ends meet and even more we need to be able to buy the luxury items we want to own and the holidays we want to take.

So, it should be no surprise that selling digital information products on how to make money, or make MORE of it, sell like mad. This is a subject that millions of people want to learn about. Therefore, it will not die anytime soon.

But the problem comes when you don’t know who is giving out true information and who’s is just plain bogus. And I have the solution for you.


Who better to know what works when it comes to earning money online than YOU, someone who has already done it. Now, you may think that you don’t earn enough to actually write about the processes you are using. But that’s not entirely true.

Who defines our successes and failures in life? WE DO!

I say, if you have managed to make even $10.00 online, then you have had a success. Albeit a small success, but a success nonetheless.

Who other than yourself is judging your ability to teach what you have learned to others that wish to learn it? NO ONE. Don’t underestimate your teaching skills.

If you have made profits online, then create a step-by-step guide and share it with those that wish to learn. Just be sure you are offering useful information and information that really does work. Then you’ll have a hit on your hands!

Maybe you afraid of revealing your money making secrets? Well don’t be. Chances are, only a handful of people that buy your guide will ever put the information to any use. Sure, they’ll read it. Maybe even get excited enough to take a few baby steps towards beginning down their own money making path. But very few people ever complete this process. It’s strange, but it’s still true!

Plus, you don’t have to tell them everything. Remember, if you give them everything here and now, you’ll have nothing to sell them later on.

Hey, it’s the “marketing way”. Learn it. Use it. Or get buried by it.


One last point. You don’t have to limit yourself to selling just one “How I Make Money Online” product.

Methods change or improve over time. As long as you continue learning new methods you have the education to write another information product on the subject.

This pearl is recommended to almost everyone who is, or wants to become an Internet Marketer.

As time passes with your working from home ventures you need to stay motivated and learn new things, methods, tactics. Call them what you will, but here are a few areas that will help you dig your heels in and make a success of being able to work at home, even if it is on a part-time basis:

  • affiliate marketing
  • email marketing
  • affiliate programs
  • SEO
  • marketing research
  • website traffic

– and lots more.

The Persona Is Quicker Than The Eye

Anyone can be who ever they wish to be behind the guise of a computer screen.

Sometimes it can be very helpful – yes, even profitable – to create and adopt a personality that you only use for marketing purposes. In fact, some savvy marketers create a couple different personalities that do battle on both sides of the marketing fence, Good and Evil.

The point here is that this actually works. And it works very well for many. Yes, it could be considered a little underhanded. But it’s akin to writing under a “pen” name for authors. And plenty of those famous guys, and gals, do it all the time.

Also, when you want to create a lively controversy, it’s sometimes preferable to use an online persona to take the heat. Take the well-known Rich Jerk for example. He treated his potential customers, and current customers like garbage. Talking down to them at every turn. Even when they begged him for help, he was still, well, a huge JERK.

That’s part of the persona game. You have to make it believable by keeping it going. You can’t stop and be “nice” when someone has a problem.

Then you would be branded a fraud. Not good – especially when you’re trying to build a, (for want of a word), “honest” reputation.
Can You Keep A Secret??

If you can, then you’re all set. If not, well then you may want to leave this dirty little scoundrel alone until you get the hang of keeping your mouth shut! Otherwise it will unseat your trustworthiness. Again, that is bad with a capital B.

There are plenty of marketers using the Mr. X., Mr. J., Mr. B., etc. within their reports too without taking on a secretive persona themselves too. They simply invent someone. And not just ANY someone either. Usually, this Mr. “whoever” reveals some sort of hush-hush information that was not supposed to be released to anyone. Naughty, naughty, Mr. so-and-so.

Sometimes, this even goes so far as to “pull the wool over your eyes” through the power of video. Remember, “All The World Is A Stage And The People Merely Actors”.

However, some Internet Marketers are very, very good actors and can make you honestly believe what you are seeing is true. Even if it’s all been staged.

Or has it been staged? We may never know for sure. But, we do know that this methodology makes us want to find out more by whipping out our credit cards and paying for it.

There is something almost seductive about a person who is unafraid. They somehow become an unsung hero to us. This great guy, risking so much just to give us information. What a trooper! They do what we only dream of doing. And that makes us listen, or watch.

So, this saucy little trick is reserved for those that are brave of heart and can keep a secret. If you can, then use it to your advantage and become someone you’ve always wanted to.


You Can STILL Make Money From Your List

I can’t begin to tell you how many times this little sentence has been spat across the online world. But, what if it weren’t true? What if it was all a little “white” lie to earn the presenter of it more money? Can that really be the case??

Well there is no easy answer to this one. It is both Yes AND No.

To tell you the truth, you CAN earn money from a mailing list via your newsletter or ezine. But, you CANNOT predict the efficiency with which you will rake in those profits.

If you ask any internet marketer they will tell you that you can expect to earn at the very least 1% from your mailing list. What does that mean? Well, if you have a list of say, 100 people, and you are attempting to sell a product for $10.00 to them, you can expect to make 1 sale and earn $10.00.

Now, if you are promoting a $197 product as an affiliate and get paid a 50% commission on it, you will earn from your ONE sale a grand total of $98.50. That’s a big difference wouldn’t you say?

What’s the likelihood of you earning that almost $100 commission though?

And, is it possible you can get a higher expected earnings percentage than that of the standard 1%?

Well, it all depends on who you have on your list. And how many of those “whos” you have to begin with.

Meaning, if you have built your list by offering “freebies” to your subscribers then you can expect that you will earn the 1% profit rate.

However, if you have built your list from current customers who have already bought from you in the past, then you can expect that your earnings percentage rate will climb considerably. Which can be anywhere from 2% to 100%!!

Your current customers are where your profits lie in wait. And it is much, much easier to earn that $98.50 commission from the higher ticketed items when you know that the people you are pitching this to will spend their money.

Besides that, you probably know already, if you are keeping good records of who’s spending what with you, how many sales of this caliber you can expect.

Of course, this isn’t an exact science though. There is always room for human error.

This is not to say that you can’t make over the standard 1% earning rate from the “freebie seekers”. The best way to go with them is to offer them something good for a small price. This is usually the kind of thing they will go for.

To really earn good profits from your mailing list there is a very simple secret.

The secret is – have more than one list!

There you have it! Now the cat’s out the bag. That’s the secret.

Now, if you only have one list you rely on to earn money then you already know what to expect. One sale per 100 subscribers. But, that equation DOUBLES if you have two lists to pull in profits from. Want to triple it? Then have 3 lists. And so on and so forth.

Do you think that the so called “gurus” only rely on one list for their earnings? NO WAY! Of course they have more than one list. And the sweetest part about it is that they specialize everything they offer to their multiple lists by creating “niches”.

All a “niche” is, is a specific topic. Nothing more. So instead of picking a general topic like how to make money, you narrow that down to stay-at-home parents earning money.

Then, to be sure you turn a profit with your little niche list, you only promote those products or services that will be of use, or help to them. THAT’S how you make your money from mailing lists. That’s how the big boys do it. And that’s how YOU should be doing it.

So, having specialized niche lists, and more than one of them, is recommended to everyone marketing online. And, just so you know, if you’re selling stuff online, then you are a marketer. I rest my case.


The Exaggeration Factor

Everyone loves a good story. So it stands to reason you should become a master story-teller, especially in the online marketing industry. And the reason for that is very plain. If you can associate a good story to your product’s sales letter, then you may just have a top seller on your hands.

Think about it. Aren’t sales people story tellers of sorts? Sure they are! Attaching a great story line to your sales pitch can be the difference between a sale or a big, fat goose egg. Stories have been passed down throughout the years. And each time one is told it gets hyped up by the person telling it to make it more exciting.

Not an out and out lie of course, but a spiced up version of the truth. Some refer to this as “hype”. Some call it “spice”. And as everyone knows, adding just the right spices to a meal can make a tremendous difference in the flavor and the overall enjoyment of that meal.

It’s a question of interpretation.

A basic sales letter is genuinely void of selling flavor. It may read something like this:

–  Introducing “Latest gizmo Version II”

– Here’s what it does

– Here’s what you pay

– Here’s what others had to say about “Latest gizmo Version II”

– Download your copy today

Pretty boring, right?


But, what if you were to tell a story about why the “Latest gizmo Version II” was created? A story that has human appeal. That’s the key to a great story put inside an otherwise bland sales letter. HUMAN APPEAL.

For example, say you just finished writing a short report outlining the dangers of alcohol abuse. And let’s say that the reason you wrote it was due to the failing health of a close relative. And, then let’s say they need extra money to help cover their doctor expenses.

But, you never add that to your sales letter. Instead you simply use the bland, plain version of the sales letter format shown above.

What a WASTE!!

You could earn so much more money by adding your personal story to your sales letter even if it isn’t the slightest bit funny. You see, people are gripped by a moving story and spring into action. Sometimes it isn’t even the product they’re interested in, but rather, the story you have told and they simply wish to help.

Personal stories have a very strange way of letting others know that there is a real live, human being behind the other side of the monitor. This is why they work.

Here’s another example…

Let’s say that you were dead broke and only had $5.00 to your name. You had lost your job and were having trouble finding another one. And on top of that, you were about to lose everything you owned, your home, your car, maybe even your family because you were destitute.

Then, right before you were about to lose your internet connection, you figured you’d give it one last shot to find something, ANYTHING, that may help you online. And that’s when it happened! You found your solution. And it only cost HALF of the 5 bucks you had left.

And in turn the $2.50 you spent actually made you $2,500 in pure profits!! Thereby saving you from total bankruptcy and saving your family in the process.

Now everyone’s happy. You’re making thousands a month and life is good.

Now, let’s say you want to share what worked for you with others that may be in the same tight spot you were in just a few months previously. For the same $2.50 you originally paid out, don’t you think this story might interest someone that was in the same boat as you was? I think so.

Everyone LOVES a moving story. And almost everyone loves a happy ending. And, everyone loves the chance to make money, especially when a tactic shows people how to make money from home.

So, now you have the three key ingredients to making YOUR offer sell like wildfire. . .

    1. A Great Story

    2. A Happy Ending

    3. A Money Making Solution At A Price ANYONE Can Afford!


And there you have it. Telling a story is a powerful weapon in the world of marketing. That’s why so many Internet Marketers use it. They KNOW it works. And works hands down. Every time.

So, before you release your next product, why not throw a little personal story into the mix. It may just mean the difference between a few “trickily” sales and an entire flood of them.

I recommend this little trick for everyone who plans on selling anything online. Or offline for that matter.


Bums DO Earn Money Online

What is your first thought when you think of the word “Bums”? A person living on the streets begging for money? Well offline that’s probably a pretty good visual description when talking about your first thought.

However, when it comes to the online version “bums” are people that elect to take the easy way to earning money online, as internet marketers. And here’s how they do it–

A Marketing “bum” will either write their own, or republish another author’s 300-800 word article in several places such as free article directories, or on their own web sites including blogs. Incidentally, blogs are a great place to post articles.

But, within the articles, they tuck away a few different money makers like Google Ads, affiliate product links, and links to their own select web pages that are designed to sell one product at a time.

And all those little money making nuggets coincide with the topic discussed inside their article.

What’s really cool about Marketing bums is the fact that they do next to nothing besides writing up short little articles and offering them for free to anyone, and everyone who wants to read them, and they manage to make pretty good profits.

In essence, they earn money from giving away free information. Beyond that, they also build up their reputation as a person of value to others by providing such valuable information for free. Pretty neat, huh?

Even though this method isn’t “new” by definition, it is a method that brings positive results to those utilizing it.

Of course, everyone will earn a different amount. Some will earn little. And some will earn a lot. It all depends on the effort put forth. Meaning, if you only release, or publish, a handful of articles sprinkled with your money making devices, then you can expect to see a small return from your efforts.

On the other hand, if you were to publish hundreds of articles, that increases your chance of earning more small little trickles of profits.

Bum Marketing is all about getting your articles in online circulation in every place you can to get them read, and most importantly your little money “nuggets” seen, and clicked on. Hopefully, the end result will be making a sale.

Remember, this is all about quantity. More articles with more money making links equals more chances to make profit.

With that said, there are plenty of places you can learn more about this “bum” method because there are plenty of different ways to do it. There are plenty of “bum” stops online that are super stepping stones into the bum marketing world.

If this is the first time you are reading about Bum Marketing, then it’s a real good idea to read about it online to find out more about this process before you jump head first into this little beauty of a trick.


Squeezing Out Profits

Plain and simple. Here’s a quick break down of the squeezing process.

  1. You set up a mailing list subscription page and make it the first and ONLY page your website visitors see when arriving at your site . 
  1. You offer some free information that has VALUE 
  1. You get the subscribers 
  1. You build your mailing list 
  1. You INCREASE your chances of earning money – over and over again


Now do you understand what all the marketing “fuss” is about when speaking of squeeze pages? These can be more than very profitable to you. Because, with a list containing the right subscribers, you can profit throughout the year and every year thereafter.


Build a new list every week!

To make the squeeze page effective though, you have to do it correctly. If you achieve this, you can build a list of thousands of hungry subscribers eagerly awaiting your next email. And that’s the main goal.

Here are a few variations on squeeze pages. . . .

  1. Use it as your front, or main website page and only offer the process of subscribing to get what your visitors have come to your site for.
  1. Use the sign up “squeeze” method after your visitors have purchased something from you by adding a mailing list subscription form BEFORE they get to the download links.
  1. Use the squeeze page with a subscription link for any free giveaway events you host.
  1. Use the squeeze page method to let your visitors see if they “qualify” to be added to your mailing list to get special deals and notifications of upcoming special deals or offers either you set up yourself, or you are an affiliate for.


Those are just a few different ways to use the squeeze method. But the end results are always the same. . . Give ‘Em Something Good And Build Your Mailing List.

The hard work of keeping those subscribers comes AFTER you get people on your list.

Here’s how you keep them give them value with every e-mail you send.

Whether it is information, products, freebies, or whatever, it needs to be valuable. Even if it is only “perceived” value, be sure the perception is on the correct end, that of the subscriber and NOT you.


Squeeze page building is such a huge deal, and rightly so, there are a plethora of products that were created just for this process. All designed with one goal in mind… to help you build a great squeeze page.

This is a sly trick of super earning proportions and it is highly recommended to everyone that is doing any type of business via the internet.


SEO Myth and Trick

SEO. The invention of smart little cookies. And I’m NOT referring to computer generated cookies either!

I did say both “myth” and “trick”, didn’t I? That’s because SEO is deep seeded in both! Confused? You should be.

You, see, when SEO first started out, it was all about using specific keywords, and an abundance of them, throughout your pages to get you a higher rank in search engine placement. Now, it’s all about using those specific keywords and adding MORE specific keywords inside your website pages generating “long-tail” search strings.

Say What??!!

Yeah. It is a bit confusing. So let’s start by explaining what exactly SEO is.

As you probably know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And what it means is using keywords and phrases you put throughout your website pages and meta tags, to help get your website pages listed as near to the top in searches used by people via search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo!.

In essence, SEO is the method by which you try and get your website listed on the first page on any search engine.

Where your site is on the first brought back search page listed is considered your “rank”. If you’re inside the top 5 or 6 positions of page one for a specific keyword, or search phrase, you’re doing pretty well. Congratulations! But, if you’re in the top 3, well, you’re doing outstanding!! And being inside the top 3, or even striving to be number one, is the main goal of SEO.

So, the “myth” is, if you got yourself at the number one position of the search engines, then you would most definitely increase your traffic, thereby increasing your profit margins.

What IS true is that if you were ranked number one, you would see an increase in the amount of traffic, or visitors, to your website.

What is MYTH is that just because you would get those visitors you think would automatically earn more money.

That is simply UNTRUE. Let’s be blunt. If you have a non-decisive web page that doesn’t make your visitors want to take action, then you won’t see any increase in profits.

You see, getting people to your website is only a small portion of having a successful, money earning website. There are other factors at play when trying to earn money online. SEO is only one of those.

The fact remains, you could be getting thousands of visitors a day and not selling a thing. And if this is the case, then you need to take a closer look at not just the layout of your website, but also the “call to action” within your page. Maybe even your description, or sales letter. Because that is where some potential problems could be.

Then, somewhere along the line, the rules of how to optimize your web pages got changed. And all because Internet marketers got greedy and the search engines got a whole lot smarter.

Now, this is exciting. This is that “trick” part I mentioned. Instead of using one keyword over and over again on your pages, and of course, getting kicked out of the search engine ranks for doing it, the trick now is to use “long-tail” keywords. I hear you saying, “What the hell is a ‘long-tail’ keyword???”. Hold on, because I’m about to tell you.

A “long-tail” search is one in which a specific phrase comprised of a few keywords that is used to find what the searcher is looking for via a search engine.

Say, for instance, someone was searching for “gravy recipes”. That would probably bring back too many results and thus, the searcher would have to do more searching. But, if this same person added the word “chicken” or “brown” to the other keywords “gravy recipes”, then they would get more accurate results presented to them.

So, the phrase “chicken gravy recipes” is considered a “long-tail” search phrase. I see the lights going on. You’re getting it! What’s powerful about “long-tail” search phrases peppered throughout your web pages is that they will naturally rank higher in the search engines.

Naturally? Yes. Meaning you won’t have to do any work to get your pages closer to the top bracket. It will do it all by itself without any extra effort from you! So, maybe it’s time you went back and tried slipping in a few extra specific keywords to give you that “long-tail” search string and boost your rank.

This sly so and so is highly recommended reading for every single Internet Marketer on the planet. And of course, also recommended to anyone else who wants to get higher search engine ranking too.


Cheap Is Back In Style

This bad boy has to be one of my all time favorites when it comes to playing dirty. The reason is because it is leveling the playing field of internet marketing and making money for the “little guy, or gal”.

With all due respect to the “major players” that concentrate on selling “high price ticket” items, going “cheap” is a fantastic way to earn quick cash online. Point blank.

The most disturbing thing is that this “going cheap” dirty trick isn’t new at all. In fact, it’s been around for a long while. But it’s just now making its way back into the marketing main stream with full force. And it all started with a little report called “$7 Secrets”.

Sure, the information wasn’t anything “mind blowing”, but the little extra script that came with it was fantastic! It gave readers the power to do just what the author did without being a computer geek and knowing a bunch of code. It is a virtual “plug-and-play” script that helps you make money selling the $7 Secrets report, or your own product, and it also makes it possible for you to build your mailing list at the same time.

It also made it possible for you to let your buyers resell the product YOU are selling without doing anything more than promoting a link. Sort of like an affiliate, but this affiliate gets 100% of the sale. So this little beauty is working double duty for you. Working for you AND working for your customers.

Great trick! You get some good information AND a terrific reusable script for less than 10 bucks. Those three things combined increases the perceived value that we discussed earlier.

This product aside, the going “cheap” trick is a superb way to earn fast money. As I said before. And here’s why I say that. . .

Most people don’t have an extra $300 just laying around they can blow whenever they feel like it. Most people have about 10% of that. Or maybe even less. And these people, the ones that have around $30 to spend heavily outweigh the others that have hundreds to spend. So, this concept caters to them.

And, since there are more of those that have very little to spend, you will more than likely get more of their business than the “big wigs”. Most people simply cannot afford their high prices. Sure, the information is probably top notch and worth the cost. But who has that to spend without any guarantee of earning any of that initial cost back???

Enter the “cheapo” Internet Marketer.

There are plenty of them out there. Just not as well known as the “big dogs”. But, many of the “big dogs” are carving out their own little “cheap” product corner of the online world. And it’s all because of that little $7 Secrets report. Can you believe that?!? You’d better believe it, because it’s true.

Think about this, most of the “gurus” will tell you to “Work Smarter, Not Harder” to earn your money. Meaning, sell high priced products and sell less of them instead of selling lower priced items and selling more of them to equal what you sold with regards to the higher priced items.

The one factor they do not count on is that most people don’t have that much to spend. But, those same people have a little to spend. Those are the people you are going after.

Here’s a breakdown…

Guru Sells A Product For $97 Each And Makes 5 Sales Earning  $485.00

Newbie Marketer Sells A Product Costing $7 And Makes 70 Sales Earning $490.00

The newbie marketer earned 5 dollars more than the gnu..! (yeah, you read right – gnu! The “know all”– hah!).

Moving along, let’s say both Marketers have the same amount of people on their mailing lists. Let’s pretend they have a total of 4,000 subscribers. Now, can you guess who had the higher conversion rate for sales made? You got it! The Newbie Marketer did! Go Newbie, Go..!

And all because the price was lower than the Gnu, oops! . the guru, (sorry about that). Which Marketer would YOU rather be? Yeah. Me too!

One last thing to think about before you dismiss this little sly trick, when you go to a local store, and you are looking to purchase a book, how much are you willing to pay for that book? $97 or $7? I think the answer is crystal clear here.

So, if you would not even consider paying close to a hundred dollars for a physical book, then why would you expect someone else to pay that much for a digital one?!

Always put yourself in the shoes of your prospective buyer when you’re selling digital products. You’ll see more success that way. And that’s the TRUTH!

So, we close with this sly epic of an internet marketing move that I personally recommend to every single internet marketer in existence. Think about using it. Even if your main business is selling high ticket products. The worst you could do is earn yourself a little extra money.

This article, as long as it is, cannot cover every aspect of internet marketing, but hopefully you learned some internet marketing moves that you can take advantage of from this day forward.

Do check out our other articles about, and related to internet marketing and we will always be adding more. So we hope to see you here again – thanks for dropp

ing by!

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