IPL Laser Treatment Is Fast and Effective

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IPL Laser Treatment Is Fast and Effective

IPL laser treatment, which is short for Intense Pulsed Light laser treatment, is a non-surgical procedure that is used to rejuvenate the skin and correct skin irregularities or abnormalities.

In the United Stats alone, almost 1 million patients are treated with IPL laser treatment in a year, consisting of both women and men.

ipl laser treatmentIPL laser treatment is used mostly for skin damages or irregularities caused by sun exposure.

The procedure is used for skin conditions ranging from skin discoloration caused by chemicals, to age spots, freckles, birthmarks and as acne scar treatment.

It has also been used to reduce scar visibility and to minimize the appearance of stretch marks with impressive results.

Patients with wrinkles and fine lines can also benefit from this procedure by softening the lines and stimulating the growth of collagen.

It can also improve the look and texture of the skin by giving it an even tone, smoother feel and whiter complexion.

Intense Pulsed Light is said to be technically not a real laser because although it has the same properties and performs the same techniques when compared to lasers.

Both emit lights which are mainly the characteristics of lasers that cause changes in our skin, the IPL and lasers emit lights with different numbers of wavelengths.

Wavelengths are the properties of light which determine how deep the light will go into the skin. A particular layer of the skin, will therefore only absorb a particular wavelength of light.

Lasers emit light with only a single wavelength.

If the device is set to a wavelength specific for the dermis or a deeper layer alone, it will only affect that layer without inflicting damage on the layers above it.

Lasers are particularly useful for skin conditions needing stimulation of deeper layers of the skin or stimulation of collagen cells which can be found on the deep layers of the skin.

It can be used for spider veins, wrinkles and skin tightening.

An IPL laser treatment, on the other hand, emits light with a wide spectrum of wavelengths, so that the more wavelengths that are delivered into the skin, the more layers will be affected and the more skin conditions will be treated.

IPL will remove unwanted cells like pigment cells and dead cells that contribute to the irregularity of the skin.

It will treat age spots, birthmarks, scars and even spider veins. IPL is a non-ablative laser, so the skin surface is spared and not burnt.

IPL treatment causes only slight to no pain at all during the procedure, but it is important to note if the patient has low pain tolerability.

Because different people have different pain tolerability, most doctors who perform procedures like this prefer to apply a local anesthetic cream or ointment first on the area to be treated with IPL.

This is to cause numbness to mask whatever pain the patient will feel.

The procedure only has minimal side effects, so there is no need for pain medications after IPL treatment.


Side Effects After  IPL Laser Treatment

The most common side effect seen after the procedure is swelling and redness of the treated areas.

Flushing is common due to the widening of the capillaries that were affected during the procedure.

Depending on how extensive the procedure is, the side effects may last from between a few hours to several days.

If a patient just underwent a simple IPL procedure, these side effects are minimal and usual

ly do not require medications to resolve.

The swelling and redness disappear in a few hours to a day and may do so quickly when applied with an ice pack.

The results can be most appreciated only after a few days and will continue to improve in the days that follow.

Multiple IPL treatment sessions can be done depending on how large the affected area is or how severe the condition is.

Sometimes, patients will ask for additional IPL laser treatment sessions if they find the results unsatisfactory, or if they wish to have another area of skin treated.

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