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Marketing Online Is A Good Way To Make Money

Marketing makes the world go round, and in this almost 13,000 word post, we are going to be talking about just that. Marketing.

marketingTo be more precise we will be discussing tactical marketing strategies. Here’s why we have decided to share this information with you – there are so many different marketing strategies, or techniques, that are available to us that it can be difficult to know which ones to follow and while teacniques do change within online marketing, the basics are pretty much the same.

These methods work for both online and offline marketers and companies alike.

Forget the self-acclaimed gurus and their fancy prices for an hour of their time and delve into the secrets that have been proven to work time and time again, so that you can start putting money in your pockets as soon and as often as possible.


Let’s get started…

Welcome to the best marketing success revealed! Every business has a product or service that is being solicited. If you are like any successful business, you will have competition. What sets you apart from your competition is successful marketing tactics that will make your product and service stand out from those of your competitors.

This guide contains some of the best tips that will help you make money online. You do not have to be a high-powered business executive to benefit from these marketing strategies. Even the mom-and-pop shops or home-businesses can benefit from these marketing tactics.

Here I will discuss a few concepts that many entrepreneurs fail to seriously consider, however they are imperative to a successful business. Can you imagine how large companies would handle their marketing campaigns if they were not tactical? Imagine an iconic company such as Coca Cola, how mundane would their ads be if they did not think tactically about their marketing efforts?

The best way to think about tactical marketing is to think unconventionally about how to get the maximum results from the least amount of resources. What does this mean? This means that you are not spending a lot of money on your marketing efforts and you are not relying on a huge marketing budget. Your marketing dollars are working more efficiently. You are getting more bang for your buck. A simple ad can take your business to the next level very quickly. Tactical marketing is the key to success internet marketing.

Tactical marketing builds off very basic marketing premises that are taught in colleges and graduate level programs in business schools across the US.

These tactics are made to be accessible to people of all education levels, yet you will find by exerting some of these methods, you are also implementing the very same practices used by fancy marketing firms.

You can achieve the same results as the high-powered marketing executives

with big degrees from Ivy League schools. These principles have been around forever and will likely continue since these principles are the very roots of marketing.

Whether your presence is offline or online, there is no issue in how you implement these tactics. Your results will be common in the fact that they will be successful all around. Your goal is to spread the word to those who want your product or service.


Why Be Tactical?

There are many different options available to the small business that is looking to secure more clients or customers. You can hire a firm, you can advertise your products like there is no tomorrow, and you can get your product out in the street in the hands of potential customers.

Every method you could possibly come up with will have a price attached to it. Tactical methods are designed to be low cost so that they are not prohibitive to small businesses.

Bear in mind that affordable does not mean ineffective. There is a common misconception that the more you pay for your marketing, the better results you will yield. This is not true!

The less you pay and the more you get, the better your marketing!

Tactical marketing yields high results at minimal costs. Furthermore, tactical marketing results in impacting consumers. They may not even know they have been impacted, however if they remember your name, or your product, that is a positive impact!

Simply getting someone’s attention is an impact that you want to secure for your product or service.

Often times, local companies will complete for your business within the lunchtime hour through posted flyers at your place of work, or maybe a flyer on your car, or perhaps their menu in your mailbox or fax machine. You will remember their name after several attempts to get your attention. Their ploy to get your attention worked and now you remember their name, and undoubtedly, one day, you and your co-workers will say something to the effect of “let’s go check out that new place down the street.” Then all the efforts of the local diner trying to get your business worked!

People reward efforts, whether they know it or not. When they see that a company has made the effort to get their attention through business cards, flyers, menus, whatever, they are going to pay attention and they won’t even realize that they are rewarding your efforts.

Go on any road trip and see if you can drive just 10 miles without seeing some kind of sign or billboard trying to get your attention to solicit a product or service. We live in a day and age where if you did not see a sign or solicitation on the highway, you may feel uneasy. We need advertising messages! The average person processes over 3000 advertisements per day!

As we discussed, the best tactical marketing tips are low-cost with high-response rates. The ideas discussed in this post will not exceed $100 for the campaign. Most of the campaigns described here can be executed for far less. Some can even be executed for less than $5. The idea is to be creative and to proceed with your work with an open mind. That way, ideas will come flowing at you, especially once you are fully familiar with the ideas that are described in this report.

With a basic understanding of tactical marketing, you are now ready to review some of the basic methods that will help you achieve business success. The price is right and when you think of the sheer numbers of people that will be exposed to your product or service, the potential profits will directly relate to your work. All in all, if you secure a new customer, you know that you have done something right.


The Pros and Cons of Tactical Marketing

Every action is followed by a reaction – that is one of the basics of life according to spirituality and the sciences. Furthermore, life is full of choices. You can get up in the morning to work your job, however with that choice, you will not get any sleep. If your choice is to work out or go to the gym, you will look healthy and in shape, however there is an investment of time that is required that could be spent elsewhere.

With a positive attitude, you can evaluate your choices to determine your best course of action that will result in the best choice for you. By focusing on the positive side of things, the negative may not seem so negative.

The same principle applies to marketing. Regardless of the type of marketing, whether you are looking at traditional principles or mainstream methods, any effort requires time and energy, and not every effort is going to have a positive outcome. However similar to the choices in life, you are always faced with the option to keep trying.

A common perception of tactical marketing is that cheaper methods are not effective. Though tactical methods are cheap or free 99% of the time, with a larger percentage being free as opposed to cheap, to call the methods ineffective is inaccurate.

Tactical marketing is common in mainstream America and people are often subject to this form of business marketing without being aware of it. And sometimes, businesses implement tactical methods without even realizing that they are utilizing tactical marketing methods.

Sometimes you will hear of off-the-wall marketing methods on the news. The news angle may be in agreement or disagreement, however regardless of the spin, there is free advertising taking place as a result of creativity.

Regardless of the size of your business or even the scope of what you do, it is possible to compete in the larger market and “play in the big leagues” with your product or service. Traditional marketing is always an option for you, however if you are prepared to invest effort as opposed to money, these tactical marketing tips will be right for your product, and your pocketbook!


Alternate Marketing

Alternative Marketing is a method that often uses a variety of tactical marketing methods.

One example of alternative marketing is what happened when Paris Hilton’s mobile phone, a Sidekick, was hacked. The story was big news and the company that owned the device, T- Mobile, saw sales of the Sidekick skyrocket overnight. T-mobile was not responsible for the act, (although who’s to say?) but they did greatly profit from it.

Alternative marketing is a method that does not seem to have anything to do with the product or service being marketed. For precisely this reason it is difficult to define. Another possible example of alternative marketing may be the release of New Coke by Coca-Cola in the 1980s. It was a sweeter version of the popular drink that was meant to replace the old formula; in fact, it originally was not known as ‘New Coke’ but rather just ‘the new taste of Coke’.

Despite positive taste tests and focus groups prior to its release, and a major layout in marketing dollars, the change was a failure and the company was exposed to tough consumer backlash.

The outrage was so great, in fact, that Coca-Cola was forced to reintroduce the original formula as ‘Coke Classic.’ The irony here being that when the original formula was brought back, it ended up with a larger share of the market than it had before all of the hoopla surrounding ‘New Coke’ started. This has led many to believe that the new formula was a ploy and that reintroducing the old formula had been the plan all along.

Here is a simple example of how a small business can use this tactic. A company that produces handy wipes could advertise outside of a barbecue restaurant. People often get messy hands and faces when eating barbecue, and a sign could placed outside the restaurant saying “Come in for great Barbecue, and get away clean!” advertising your product. You could even have free samples to try, and the restaurant will probably like the idea as well.


 Ambient Marketing

Ambient Marketing is also called place-based marketing, and is simply advertising or marketing that occurs wherever the target audience might congregate.

If you have ever seen a beverage company with a table set up outside a supermarket to distribute free samples, you have been exposed to Ambient marketing.

The definition of ambient is ‘of the surrounding area or environment’ so Ambient Marketing is not about something as direct as handing out postcards or coupons, but rather being part of the natural surroundings of the people who’s attention you are trying to attract.

A simple, inexpensive way for a small or up-and-coming business to make use of Ambient Marketing is placing signs for your business on telephone poles off the street. Signs can be designed and printed cheaply, and there are many websites online that offer such services.

Signs or posters should be set up in high traffic areas such as busy intersections or near bus stops. Place them someplace you can easily return so you can check up on them and replace any that have become damaged or been taken down.

As you can see, this type of Ambient Marketing is extremely cheap, and you may be surprised by the results. Strategically placed, posting signs of this type will reach more people that you thought possible for the price.



Bluejacking is a way to send wireless message to a person using Bluetooth wireless technology. It gets its name from the ‘blue’ in Bluetooth, and also the first person to use the technique, whose username on the Esato mobile phone forum was ‘ajack.’

Bluejacking works using Bluetooth wireless technology. It was developed so that wireless devices had a common way to communicated with each other, and in fact was named after a 10th century Viking king named Harald Bluetooth, who united the tribes of Denmark and Norway.

If you have a wireless headset or mouse for your computer, than you are probably using Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth capable devices can search for other Bluetooth devices within a radius of about 30 feet. When another device is discovered, it is possible to send a contact entry to that device with a message instead of a name.

The benefit of Bluejacking for tactical marketing is that you can target a specific audience – often a specific person – say in a coffee shop or park. Although the message is unsolicited, it may make the recipient feel special and part of a new, cutting edge thing, while at the same time getting your message out.

Bluejacking requires some technical know-how, and obviously a Bluetooth device, but can be very effective in tactical marketing, particularly for a product or service that is related to technology.

It is not illegal and generally considered a harmless prank, but it should be noted that there is a similar technique, very illegal, called Bluesnarfing that using a special software program to steal people’s electronic phone books and contact names.

One of the goals of marketing is to make the target consumer feel ‘special’ and how can anyone not feel special when they get to come home and say, ‘I’ve been Bluejacked!’


Buzz Marketing

Buzz Marketing is another term for old-fashioned word of mouth. Its goal is to get people talking about the marketing experience they received from your marketing tactics. This is a case where any publicity is good publicity. If a sausage stand has a person dressed as a big sausage and bun on the street, people may laugh at him and even make fun, but the important thing is they noticed and are talking about sausages.

While dressing up as a large, anthropomorphic sandwich is one way to generated buzz, the tactic does not always have to be so in your face.

In fact, very good Buzz Marketing campaigns will not seem to be direct marketing at all, and in that way is similar to Ambient Marketing. You will find that many of the tactical marketing techniques complement each other and are very effective when used together.

With Buzz Marketing, people like to talk about things that are weird or unusual, and the tactic takes advantage of that.

Conversely, it may not be best for people who don’t like to attract attention or those who are naturally shy. For these types of people, it may be best to use the Internet to start a Viral Marketing campaign, which is similar to Buzz Marketing but done online. Viral Marketing will be discussed in detail in a later section.

The best BM (Buzz Marketing) campaigns are those that do not come off as marketing campaigns. Ambient Marketing is loosely based on BM where you are simply there and making your presence known. Every tactic contains elements of another tactic but each is different and used in a different way.

If you’re thinking BM may not be the best approach to get traffic to your Web site or offline store then you are really underestimating the power of this marketing strategy. By nature people are curious and gossipy. Why not let the most basic of human instincts do your marketing for you?

Another, simpler method of Buzz Marketing may be just to flood your town with attractive fliers or business cards. If 50 people see your advertising and

each just tell or show it to one other person, that’s 100 people who have been exposed to your marketing. So you can see how that is going to have a positive impact on your sales.

The tactics that have been discussed so far, (with the possible exception of Bluejacking), all require a very minimal outlay of cash, and can produce astonishing results. And when you are combining tactics, you are still far below the cost of an advertisement in a newspaper or on television.

And speaking of commercials, aside from perhaps during the Super Bowl, how much time do you really spend paying attention to them? Nowadays, people have learned to ignore commercials when they are on, or, with the advent of remote controls and digital recording devices such as Ti-Vo, to skip watching them all together. For these reasons, tactical marketing techniques can be not only more affordable, but more effective, too.

The next tactical marketing method up for discussion requires a little more outlay of money than the previous ones, but like the other methods it is very effective. It is important to keep in mind that one of the benefits of utilizing marketing strategies is getting bang for your buck, or in other words, getting the most from the marketing dollars you spend.


Direct Mail Marketing

Most people are familiar with Direct Mail Marketing, or ‘junk mail.’ Direct Mail Marketing is a Tactical Market technique that can easily reach a broad audience. Of course the more mail pieces sent out the better, as many people simply throw out unsolicited mail.

Direct Mail Marketing may be fliers or letters in the mail, but you can also target a certain area or neighborhood and simply walk the area and put the material in people’s mailboxes, under their doors, or on car windshields. It is not advisable to knock on doors and bother people while distributing your materials.

By covering a specific area with fliers, business cards or coupons, although you may not receive direct results, people will often hang on to the materials you distributed, and may think of your company when the need arises. If you have distributed cards for your plumbing business, and someone in the neighborhood has a plumbing emergency come up, they may remember your card and give you a call.

Another method is to use the national postal service. This might have the benefit of making your business or service seem more legitimate than a simple flier stuffed in a mailbox. It is more expensive, but bulk rates are available from the Post Office. Again you can target your mailings to specific neighborhoods or demographics.

Another, unique method of Direct Mail Marketing, similar to Ambient Marketing, is to leave fliers, pamphlets and so on, in public places. One method that has been commonly used is to print a Web site or company

name or phone number on postcards that are made to look like money, then leave these around public places. If someone sees what they think is a dollar bill on the ground, they will usually pick it up, and often examine it to make sure it is real, when they will be exposed to your message. Personalized rubber stamps are quite cheap, and can be used to easily print up many “dollar bills”.

Yоu could use higher denominations, say a five or ten dollar value and spread these around town, and people will surely do a double take if they see something on the ground or in a coffee shop that looks like a 20-dollar bill.


Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing, also called Customer-Experience Marketing, tries to connect the brand to the customer through direct experience.

Experiential Marketing is another form of tactical marketing that attempts to take into account that people have learned to avoid more traditional methods of marketing such as television commercials, pop-up ads, and so on. Experiential Marketing works both on the consumer’s rational and emotional thought.

For example, if people go out to see a show or a band in a club, the do not consider that they are being targeted for marketing. But isn’t that, after all, what is going on? The band will want to sell t-shirts and CDs at the show, and to expose people to their music. But the audience won’t consider it a marketing ploy; they in fact will pay money to see the band and if they like the music, may pick up some merchandise on the way out.

If you have a product or service to market, this idea can be used to great effect. For example, if you have a new product to roll out, you can rent out a restaurant or club and invite prospective clients and customers to the party. The potential clients will associate their good time at the party with your new product and your company in general.

As with other types of marketing, you can target specific groups with your events. The people who come to the event will not feel like they have been ‘targeted’ and if they have a good time, they will relate that to your company, service, or product.

The types of events you may organize are only limited by your imagination. You could have the aforementioned party in a public place or at a home, an outdoor event like a street fair or picnic in a park, or a more formal type event in an office or hotel conference room.

The benefits of this type of marketing are many. The first, and most obvious, is immediate sales.

If you are inviting people to an event to roll out a new product, you are going to make some sales to some of the people that attend the party. Additionally, you will have a great opportunity to get people to try your product.

This can be done with free trial-sized samples given out during the event. An Experiential Marketing event will also make you stand out among your competitors who are using more traditional forms of marketing. Of course, this is true of most tactical marketing techniques. Finally, no matter what the results, your event will get people talking, and word of mouth is one of the first goals of any marketing.


Tissue Pack Marketing

Tissue Pack Marketing is a technique that began in Japan. A man named Hiroshi Mori, founder of a paper products company called Meisei Industrial was searching for a way to increase the demand of paper products in Japan in the late 1960s.

At the time, it was common practice to hand out packs of matches at banks with advertising on them. Mr. Mori figured that tissues would have wider appeal than matches and developed a method to fold tissues into small packages that could easily be carried about. These were then branded with advertising and handed out to the public, often at places like subway stops.

Tissue Pack Marketing is still most prevalent in Japan, but it has spread to the rest of the world. One recent study in Japan found that 75% percent of the study’s respondents reported accepting free tissues with advertising on them, which is much higher than those who said they accept pamphlets or fliers. The reason for this is obvious – people have a use for tissues, and they like to get things for free.

So as with other tactical marketing, half the battle is won by getting the message into the hands of the target audience. It has the added benefit of exposing the message to the audience, often repeatedly as they will see it every time they use the tissues.

In that same Japanese study mentioned earlier, more than half said they look at the advertisement on the tissues, mostly to check for coupons or special offers. The consumers are being continuously exposed to the advertising, and there is also the chance that the message will reach more than that one person as the tissues may get passed around.

Tissues are just the beginning. It is possible to get all sorts of products such as pads of paper, matchbooks, pens, and so on with a brand or ad emblazoned on them.

Nowadays there are many places on the Internet where one can cost effectively brand any number of products with a business name, Web site or advertisement.

The reason Tissue Pack Marketing works is because people like to get things

for free, and that is also the principle behind the next tactic, Free Trial Marketing.


Free Trial Marketing

Free Trial Marketing is another tactic that is pretty self-explanatory. It is like Tissue Pack Marketing in that you are giving away something for free, but in this case the idea is not just to advertise but to but to get the consumer to try the product and eventually pay for it.

One way to do this is with small, trial-sized products. If you are a beverage maker, for example, you can go to a part of town with lots of foot traffic and hand out bottles of the beverage for people to try. Note that this fits in with other types of Tactical Marketing, such as Ambient Marketing and Buzz Marketing. If you are spending a day at the town square handing out free bottles of iced tea, word will get around and you may have trouble keeping stock on hand!

It could be that your company is not producing a product, but rather a service. Free Trial Marketing is still an excellent way to go. Many subscription Web sites will offer a free week or month on the site, with the hope that once people try it out, they will like it enough to want to pay for it. It also has the added benefit of those who forget to cancel the subscription once the free period runs out.

The whole idea behind Free Trial Marketing is to get a person who might not normally be a customer to become one, even if just temporarily. If your product or service is a good one, people will see the value of paying for it.

If you translate this particular method to online marketing, as you can do with any marketing method, you could think of:

  • free e-books
  • free memberships, ( first month for free)
  • free training videos
  • free coffee mugs
  • free t-shirts
  • pens
  • balloons
  • mouse mats – the list is endless.


Body Marketing

Body Marketing does not (necessarily) mean tattooing the name of your business or your company’s Web site address on to your forehead. In fact this is not recommended, as the truth is many companies fail or change names many times in their lifetimes.

However, it can be very effective to wear clothes, such as shirts and hats, with your logo or Web site on them, and this, too, is considered Body Marketing.

You can combine this form of marketing with Tissue Pack Marketing and give the clothing items away. People often are looking for new tee shirts to wear, and you can’t really over estimate the degree to which this will get your message or brand out there.

Once your company or service is more established, you can even invest in more quality branded clothing to sell. At that point people are actually paying you for the opportunity to get your message out on your behalf.

Although it seems ridiculous and extreme to tattoo your brand or company name permanently on your body, keep in mind that there are now temporary tattoos that are applied with water and wash away. These can be a fun thing to hand out, especially to young people, and will have the same effect as branded clothing.


Undercover Marketing

Everyone knows what an undercover police officer does. They disguise their identity by wearing street clothes rather than a police uniform so that they can infiltrate the places where criminals might haunt without being detected. The same types of principles apply to ‘undercover’ marketing.

While Undercover Marketing is a technique that is used by large companies, it can also be used effectively and inexpensively by smaller businesses. While it can be applied online, it is most usually done offline and that will be what we discuss first.

Undercover Marketing is another tactic that involves the art of marketing to people without it being apparent what is going on. A simple way to undertake Undercover Marketing is to go to a local tavern or bar and locating an attractive young woman (or a group of attractive young women!) and offering to buy them drinks. Explain that in exchange for the free drinks

they just have to talk up your business or services to others in the bar. You will need to make sure you explain to them not to be too overt, but rather to subtly bring up the company, service or product. You may find they consider it a fun game and a great way to get their drinks paid for the night.

Large companies may do the same thing but with hired actors. You can see in the method described above you can do this on a much smaller and for much less money than paying a professional actor.

It is important to keep in mind when undertaking an Undercover Marketing campaign that there are some risks. The biggest risk is if your target audience discovers that they are being marketed to, and lashes back at your company.

This happened to Sony, who attempted an online Undercover Marketing campaign online with a fake blog called ‘all I want for Christmas is a PSP’ to advertise their new hand held gaming device. The blog was quickly exposed as fake, and Sony experienced backlash from the gaming community who were largely insulted by the stunt.

Ensuring that even if you are found, you have not been talking down to your audience or in any way making them feel stupid can largely minimize this type of backlash.

[You can read more about undercover marketing here]

Astroturf Marketing

Just as Astroturf is artificial grass, Astroturf Marketing involves making an artificial buzz over a product or company.

We often see this in product pre-launches and “low price countdowns” online via the e-mails we get every day. Much of it is just hype.

Astroturfing also has its uses in the political world, where lobbyists may set up organizations to appear to be ‘grassroots’ to send letters and make phone calls to congress in order to get a certain law passed.

In fact, one of the first examples of Astroturfing occurred long before actual Astroturf was ever developed, and was executed by King Leopold II of Belgium. He set up a front organization in the late 1800s called the International African Association, which he used to lobby the US and other European governments to support his goals of colonizing the Congo Free State.

The simplest way for a small or up and coming business or service to apply Astroturf Marketing is on the Internet.

The Internet is full of electronic mailing lists and forums. All you need to do is subscribe to a mailing list or log on to the forums and you can then insert your business or product into the general discussion.

The beauty of this type of tactical marketing is that it is next to free.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Most of the forums or mailing lists are absolutely free.

If your company is, for example, in the plumbing business, go to a search engine such as Google and type “plumbing+forum” and you will get links to countless websites with forums about plumbing. Some forums may require you to register, which is usually quick and painless. You can then start posting to the forum and insert your company name or product however you see fit.

As with Undercover Marketing, is important to not be too blunt and risk a backlash if people you think you are just posting to the forum to promote your business.


Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing, just like a virus that passes from person to person during the flu season, is a digital marketing method to get a message to pass from person to person in any number of mediums.

It can be plain word-of-mouth or can be done cheaply on the Internet with a low budget video posted to YouTube. The idea is to get one person to send or tell it to another person, who sends it to another, and so on.

Posting to a site like YouTube is completely free. Years ago, Viral Marketing would simply have been referred to as ‘Word of Mouth Marketing.’ But these days, it almost always involved with some kind of technology.

In 2004, Burger King started a marketing campaign for their TenderCrisp sandwiches called The Subservient Chicken. It showed a man telling another person in a chicken suit to do any number of things. The tagline was ‘chicken the way you like it.’ The ads created great buzz and word of mouth, and was accompanied by a Web site where users could make the Subservient Chicken do a number of things by typing in commands.

You too can start a viral ad campaign much like Burger King did All you need to do is come up with something silly or clever and record it. It needn’t require much thought, it just needs to be something people will talk about and pass along to their friends.

The video can be about anything, and does not need to be related to the company or product being marketed. In fact, it may be best if it is not related in any way. The important thing is that is will get people talking. The video, or whatever it is you are making, (it could be an audio file, or an image), should be as far from a regular commercial as possible. A spontaneous idea will often work the best.

The final step is to just upload your video, and possibly spend some time promoting it. Again, you don’t want to promote it too much or to connect it too closely to the service or product that you are ultimately trying to sell.

If you feel that is outside the scope of your technical skills, then you can outsource the task very cheaply to someone that offers their services cheaply online.

Business opportunities are open to anyone and everyone today, no matter what technical skills you may or may not possess and if you want to make money and work from home then you really need to consider the options and advantages that are available.


Information-Based Marketing

Next we will enter into a discussion of Information-Based Marketing. The first and probably most familiar tool in Information-Based Marketing is the Web site. Here will we talk about ways to make a successful Web site, and to direct Web traffic to it.

One thing all web sites need is content. A common way of achieving this is with articles. Not only can articles be used to fill out a website, they can be submitted to article directories with links back to the website in question, be that your own website or that of an affiliate product, and thus create traffic to your site and possible sales.

In writing and promoting articles on the Internet, there are some important things to remember:

  1. Do not confuse promoting articles with writing them.

Articles can bring traffic to your Web site and help with your brand recognition and sales, but it is important to remember the reason why people read articles, which is to be informed or entertained. If your content is good enough, people will be encouraged to check out your Web site

  1. Make the most of articles to bring traffic to your site.

You will get more visitors to your site if you mention keywords that will turn up in search engines. Search engines work by finding large numbers of keywords in one place. This will not only help bring people to your article, but also your site.

  1. Write articles that will be useful to your audience.

While your main concern may be to get more traffic on your site, remember that the article you post to a directory must have some use for readers or the directories or article banks will not want to include it. You should make sure the article has quality information in it and includes correct spelling and grammar. Quality research is also important to make sure that the article is useful.

One very good piece of advice is to always write your content for the sake of your readers and never for the search engines!


Article Directories

Besides serving as content for your website, articles can be placed in article directories to gain exposure. An article directory is a website that collects free articles. The articles are usually posted by the owner of the copyright to promote either the writer or a service or another website. The article will include a link back to the author’s website so an interested reader will be able to find out more.

When placing an article in article directories, you will attract an audience that is interested in your service or product, and if the article is good, they may feel tempted to visit your site. If you are unable to write the article yourself, it may even be worth it to hire someone to write for you.

There are many sites online where freelance writers can be hired. When people read a well-written article, they are inclined to want to learn more from the author in question.

Also, since you have posted your article in a free article directory, others people who have niche related websites may use your article for their own site. If they do, they must give you all due credit, in the form of your website details which you included in your resource box at the end of the article, thus generating even more traffic to your site.

There are numerous article directories so it is possible to post the same article on many sites, thus increasing your chances of increased traffic to your own site. Although, it is advisable to change your article somewhat.

You can easily change your article, as and when you see fit. You can also have your articles submitted for you, by others who offer this service, to literally hundreds of article directories, blogs and websites. Thus, freeing up your valuable time.

The presence of articles on websites, both for private persons and for companies cannot be stressed enough. It is essential for making a popular site that will get heavy traffic and earn you money.

It is easy to see how articles will bring traffic to your money. The more articles with keywords your site has, the higher it will rank in the search engines when someone looks for sites on that topic. Of course, the higher the rank on a search result the more traffic that will come in.

You do not just want to fill you site with many articles of low quality, you will receive better results if you keep in mind some parameters for quality articles that people will want to read and that will put your site high on search engines.

Below are four tips to achieve this:

  • Article Content

While it is important to have keywords in the article, they should not just be placed in an article with the hopes of getting recognized by search engines. The must also be interesting to read and provide the reader with information that they want. As mentioned before, you should research your article well so that the information you include will be up to date and correct. Include statistics and facts that people can relate to.

  • Keywords and Keyword Phrases

In order to get people to your well-written article, it will need keywords and keyword phrases that identify the article for people who are searching for material on that topic. You will want to make sure the words and phrases you use are related to the subject matter of your site and company. For example, if your site is for a plumbing company, you will need to have articles with keywords related to plumbing techniques and tools.

  • Keyword Density

Articles should have a certain keyword density in order for a search engine to find them. Three to five percent of keyword density in article content should get the site ranked high in a search engine results.

Know that your keywords and keyword phrases must be used fully. An article must have good keyword density for a search engine to “feel” its presence. Articles should at least have three to five percent of keyword density in their content for search engines to rank a site high in their search results. Getting a high rank is what articles do best for a site. Keyword density is defined as the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used in an article, and the number of times depends on the length of the article. It is important to balance the keyword density so that it is high enough to provide good search engine results but not so high that it is distracting to the reader, or considered as “keyword stuffing” by the search engines, as this will only have a negative impact on your ranking.

  • Linking Articles

A final thing to remember when submitting articles to article directories is to always include a link back to your site. That way if someone reads the article and enjoys it, they will easily be able to get to your site to find out more. It is advisable to include a brief description of your site as well.


Tips for Writing an Enjoyable Article

You will want to make sure the articles you put on your Web site are interesting and compelling. You don’t want the act of reading the articles to seem like work. Here are some tips to help make that happen:

  • Use short paragraphs.
    Nowadays people may get intimidated when they see an article with lots of long, dense paragraphs. People’s attentions spans have become shorter, and they may well disregard an article with too many long paragraphs.
  • Make use of bullets or numbering.
    People like lists and numbered items, as it makes the reading easier to digest and remember. It will also allow you to stress certain items you feel are important. The use of bullets and numbering will also break up the article so that it does not have such a uniform appearance.
  • Use Sub-headings.
    This goes along with the previous tip of using bullets or numbering. It will break up the article, and give the reader an idea of what each section is about.
  • Use an attention-grabbing title or header.
    The title of an article is the first thing a person will read, and it may also be the last if it is not compelling. The title should often include keywords that will guide people to the article, and it should describe what the article is about in a clear way.
  • Keep them interested from beginning to end.
    One way to do this is to use real-life stories that the reader can relate to. You should use vivid descriptions in your writing that will keep a reader’s interest and make the reading experience a pleasurable one.
  • Employ facts and figures.
    Do not be boring, but include facts and figures in the article to back up what you are writing about. People respond well to statistics, but do not go overboard with them.


Another way to get people to your website is through Banner Advertisements. These are ads that are placed on other people’s sites that link directly to your site. If you have a well-built site, getting people to visit it is the first and most important step. Fees can be expensive to advertise on very high traffic sites, say, for example,, but it may be worth the money to have banner advertisements to increase traffic to your site quickly. There are also free banner exchanges that can be utilized. We will discuss to advantages and disadvantages below.


Free Banner Exchanges

Free banner exchanges are when you exchange banners on other sites for banners on your own. The obvious big benefit of this method is the cost – it is free! One of the disadvantages is that if you are looking to put banners on many sites, it will mean having a lot of unsightly banners on your own. Also, it is important to check out what type of site is using yours for banners. Some sites simply collect lots of banners and links, and they will not help the traffic to your own site.


Paid Banner Ads

Paying for banner ads, while possibly being expensive, may be more a more effective way to advertise for your site. Things to look for when paying for banner ads are that the site has the amount of traffic that the owner claims, and that the banner is positioned on the site in such a way that people will feel invited to click on it. The site that hosts your ad should also not have too many other banner ads, and none from businesses that are in direct competition with your own.


Web Design

There are basically two ways to go about building your website:

  • one is to do it yourself
  • the other to pay someone.

There have been entire books written about website and page design; we will go over some of the important things to keep in mind here.

If you go down the Do It Yourself route, it is best to take your time and ease into the task. You don’t want to end up with a difficult to use, ugly site. You will want to make the site easy to navigate, and that may take some training and practice.

While it may be difficult to get going – learning how to design a website you may end up with skills to have other people pay you for your time and designs!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating a website:

  • Pick a catchy domain name
  • Optimize your site for search engines
  • If you cannot write articles, hire someone to do it for you
  • Use a good and reliable hosting service


Here are some things to remember if you decide to go with a web designer rather than build one yourself:

The first thing is you can get websites up and running very quickly, and to put a basic website online, if you really don’t have the know-how, you can get this done for less than $10.

If you want a great looking website with all the bells and whistles then a  freelancer will probably do the job for under a hundred dollars, and they are easy to locate on the internet.

Second, you will want to see examples of other sites the designer has put together, so you can make sure you are getting what you want and that the designer does good work. You should check out reviews left by previous clients, so you have an idea of what to expect service wise.


Making Money from Articles and Affiliate Links

Thus far we have been discussing general information about websites. The process of placing ads and banners on your own site deserves some more discussion as it can be its own source of income.

The amount of money to be made from affiliated links and articles placed on a website can vary. If your site is successful, that is to say, if it ranks high on search engine sites and it contains articles with good information and that are entertaining to read, it is possible to make money fast and to make money from home the more money that can be made.

With niche sites it is possible to make up to $10,000 per month, and more, although this should not be considered average. If a person is new to the business, it is much more feasible to expect an income of around $1,000 per month, and this is after spending time building up your site.

Your first site will undoubtedly be the toughest challenge, and it is important to remember that creating niche websites is not for everyone. It is a risk, but keep in mind that all business requires some kind of risk.

However if you stick to your guns, and through some good old fashioned hard work and persistence, you may find that you know how to make money with niche sites.


Niche Web sites

You should base the main topic of your site around a particular interest, or niche. This will enable you to target a particular audience. This is done by placing keywords in the content of the articles on your site that the audience will search for.

It is a good idea to build one article for each keyword on the niche that a person may be searching for. That way you can cover any angle of the subject that someone might want to know about, but do include other related keywords into the article also.

You should use a keyword software program to identify words and phrases that people might use to search for the topic of your site. You can also use this kind of software to see how many sites are already out there with the same topic that you are considering.

There may be many topics that you would like to cover, and in that case you can pick one that is not too difficult to start with, and then build other sites for the other topics once the first one is off the ground. Or, you could decide to create a broad website that covers different topics.


Free Articles

Sometimes the owner of a site will be unable to create or pay for articles for their site in the beginning and will use free content from article directories. While this may be necessary at first, it is not the best way to build up a website and provide income. Here are some reasons why free articles may not be the way to go:


Search Engines

Search engines have a way of detecting if the content on your site is the mirror of content on other sites. The more the content on your site matches those on others, the lower your ranking will be on search engines.

A high ranking on search in results is important, because that will get more traffic to your site and you will need traffic to get any sort of revenue from banner ads.


Getting Visitors to Click

Once your site has traffic, the next step is to encourage that traffic to click on your affiliate links, which is what helps provide some revenue. A problem with using free content from directories is if your visitors see the same content that they can find elsewhere, they will be less likely to click on the links you provide. This is because there are more likely to click on your links if they trust that you are competent on the subject, and have good resources to recommend.

Having content on your site that is the same as other sites indicate that you are not really an expert on the subject. Hence, visitors may not trust you enough to follow through on your recommended links.


Author By-lines

As was discussed previously with posting your own articles, content from directories will include an author’s byline, or resource box, which often includes a link to their own site.

Part of the agreement of using the free article is to include the author byline. Not using the byline can in fact get you into trouble. If the reader enjoyed the article, they are perhaps more likely to click on the author’s link rather than one of your own affiliated links. And this defeats the purpose of your site.

As you can see, it is much better to generate your own content, or perhaps hire someone to do it. We will discuss freelance writers in the next…


Freelance Writers

If you are unable or choose not to write your own articles, you can pay someone to do it for you. There are companies that can connect you to freelance writers, as well as many sites where freelancers advertise themselves.

In this instance, you will be utilizing someone who has a gift for writing, but is not interested in the marketed end of things. They want to make money from their writing, while you will be making money from the finished article. The benefit for you is while writing an article is a onetime payment, you save valuable time, otherwise used for niche research and writing, that you could use on something else.

Even better than paying for a written article is to produce one yourself. We have discussed some tips for writing interesting articles in previous sections, and we will cover some more ground coming up.


Creating an Outline for an Article

It’s a fact that for some people, it is too difficult to write an article. Some people enjoy it, and can breeze through it, but for others it may seem like an impossible task. One may find that the difference between these two is that the ones who can handle it easily have a system for preparing and writing the article that makes it easier.

One of the most obvious methods used to make writing an article easier is to prepare an outline first. It is much easier to flesh out a good article if you have a plan going in.

When you make an outline you can then just go step by step from beginning to end. And when you are armed with the knowledge of where you are going, it will be easier to get there.

The outline is like a map for the article. In the outline you will want to include an introduction, the main body of the text, and a conclusion. Often while you are preparing the outline, you will find yourself coming up with good turns of phrase and material. These will often be the seed of the bulk of the article. The more you have prepared and planned your article, the easier it will be to complete it.

Sketching out an outline should occur after you have done research and fact gathering. Before you start the outline you should have a fairly good grasp of the subject matter. Review any notes you may have from your research and sit down and start brainstorming ideas that will intrigue the reader.

Remember that no matter what the topic is, there is bound to be something interesting about it. Once you identify what it is about the topic that interests yourself, it will be a piece of cake to convey that interest to the reader.

It may help with writing the outline to plan out your subtitles and what sections you are going to divide the material into. Most people know that a good piece of writing should have an attention-getting first sentence; well the same is true of the individual sections of the article. Make sure that you have all the information you will need to flesh out the different sub sections.

The outline is like the frame of a building; next you will need to add sentences and paragraphs like the walls and roof. All good articles should have an introduction that lets the reader know what you are going to discuss, as well as a conclusion that will tie everything together that you discussed.

After you have a working outline, the next step is to write a first draft. A first draft will begin to flesh out the outline, and give you a feel for the direction of the article. The first draft may not be very good, but that is why they call them drafts. You may have many drafts after the first, and with each one

your article will become more polished. You may find yourself going off in many directions, but with your well-crafted outline you will be able to stay on track and not lose your initial direction.


Optimal Article Length

When you are writing articles for your website, you will want to ensure that it is the proper length to reach a high rank on search engine results. A good range for articles when keeping this in mind is not much more than five hundred words and not much less than two hundred. Besides the consideration of search engines, this is a good range to shoot for to get your articles read.

The Internet has a wealth of information and people do not tend to spend time reading lengthy material on websites. You do not want them to get bored and leave your site too soon. This is another reason to break your article into many sub-sections. That way people can search quickly for the exact material they are looking for.



As mentioned before, the amount and placement of keywords is what makes it likely for a search engine to rank you site high when people are searching for information. Search engines use small programs called ‘spiders’ than crawl the World Wide Web, searching for matches for whatever was put into the search field. So it is not only important to have the presence of keywords, but the amount and they way they are placed are important also.

A keyword is simply a word that occurs numerous times in your article and that is related to the topic. When the search engine spider program scans your site and sees the word multiple times, it may decide that your site is the sort that the searcher using the search engine is looking for.

There is a method known as ‘keyword stuffing’ – which we mentioned earlier, and this is where a keyword is used over and over again in the hope of getting a high search engine ranking.

However, be warned, because the designers of search spiders are very aware of this tactic, and will avoid sites that have an excessively high keyword density. After all, if someone is searching for information about plumbing, and a webpage contains the word ‘plumbing’ over and over again, it is not going to be useful to anyone. Search engines may even blacklist certain sites for keyword stuffing.

This being the case, it is important to keep in mind the keyword density of your article. Keyword density is simply the number of times the keyword appears in the article. A simple way to determine the keyword density is by percentage. If you want to have a keyword density of five percent and your article is five hundred words long, then you will need to have the keyword appear 25 times, but in all honesty, when reading such an article it does not sound natural.

There are many opinions on the correct keyword density, and each person will have to find what works best for them. One technique that is popular is to place your keywords towards the beginning and the end of the article. This will make it more likely to stand out to the search engine spider programs, and hence bring more traffic to your site.

At the end of the day, if your content is good, the search engines will react favourably towards your website.


Are there Alternatives to Articles?

Obviously websites need to have content. Other than pictures or sounds, this means words. People are often looking for information when they go online, and this is what articles provide.

Articles will increase the level of trust and confidence that visitors have in your site and you as the site administrator. People will be more likely to visit and link to your site if there are interesting articles there, plain and simple.

If someone visits your site and likes the articles, they are also more likely to tell others about the site and your company. That will provide more traffic, and again if the articles are good, people will be more likely to buy from you.

So what is the person to do who does not wish to write their own articles and cannot afford to hire someone to do it for them? It is not suggested to just copy other articles as that is plagiarism and can get you in trouble with the law. There are other options. If you can’t afford to pay someone to write articles for you and you really can’t bring yourself to write them, then get articles for free. There are free articles to be had in what is called the public domain.

An article that is in the public domain means that anyone can use if for free. You can put the article on your site and say it is yours if you want. You can do whatever you wish with the article. Of course, it will need to be an article that has some relevance to the topic you cover on your site.

However, the problem with this is that if the public domain article is free for you, it is free for everyone else, too. You may be competing with other sites with the same niche as yours, and you will have to find a way to stand out. It may also be necessary with public domain articles to add keywords and keyword phrases to make them more recognizable to search engines.

You can also get free articles by accepting them from other sites, which have the same niche as your own. You will probably not want to have a site that consists solely of these types of articles since it will detract from the content value of your site.

So you can see that it is possible to acquire articles for free, but it is in no way an optimal choice. And remember that if you begin to write your own articles, the task will get easier the more you practice doing it.

Some of the downsides of using free articles can be turned into benefits for you if you are the one providing the free articles. If you have a good article that you let be posted on another site, you can stipulate that your byline must appear along with a link back to your site and also possibly an email address.

Remember that the owners of the other sites are probably using the same techniques you are to get traffic through the search engines, so a link from their site will mean an increase in traffic to yours. You can also send one article out to many different sites to try and increase the traffic to your site.


Choosing the Correct Web Hosting Company

You will want to have a good hosting company for your site to ensure that you are not paying too much, and more importantly be sure that your Web site is always up and running.

You will find from searching the Internet may different kinds of Web hosting companies with many different kinds of pricing plans. You may want to plan ahead, if you are planning on eventually having many websites you will possibly want to make a large initial purchase of web space.

Initially when you are starting out and you wish to venture into the online money market, which is what it is and that is why so many people do it, you might just want to take it easy in order to determine if marketing online is really something you want to do, before you invest money into a project you may regret later.

It isn’t difficult to find a good service as there are reviews for the most popular ones all over the internet. Just look for companies with good references. In many cases it may be true that you will get what you pay for, so be aware of that fact.

If you don’t have the skills to create your own website, you can get web hosting that provides easy to use web page building software, and this can cost from about ten to fifteen dollars a month. It is possible to get cheaper rates, but you will need to learn how to create the web site on your own. Or, outsource the task and have a site created for you by a design freelancer.


The Importance of the URL

The URL, which is short forr Uniform Resource Locater, is the name and address on the World Wide Web of your Web site. The URL is important, and you will want one that is catchy and easily remembered.

Look through your articles and keyword phrases for something appealing. You will want something that is descriptive of the content of the site.

You will want your URL to sound exciting, rather than boring or stodgy. You may have to try a few times, as you may discover that some of the best URLs are already taken. Some of the owners of these sites may be willing to sell them, but that will probably not be an option in the beginning.

Above all, take your time and pick a URL that will be easy to remember and easy for people to pass along and return to.


What to do to get started

The nice thing about making money with articles on niche sites is that to start out you don’t have to be an expert in the field, and you can learn as you go along. Next we will go over some tips that will help you get started on the path towards making an income with niche sites.

Again, and it can’t be stressed enough, the most important thing to consider is the content that your site will contain. As has been discussed, the type of content for your site can range from free to the very expensive. All of the methods of acquiring content have pros and cons, but in the end you get what you pay for.

After the content the second most important thing to consider are keywords. They will help raise you site up in the eyes of the search engines everyone uses to locate content. Be sure when you are starting out, and if you do not have a lot of experience, that you are not picking a niche that is already dominated by larger-scale web sites, as the competition may be too great.

After you have determined your niche you will need to engage in some on the job training to learn how to optimize your site for search engines. The better you get at this the more profitable your site will become.

Third, you will need to know how to optimize your sites for various search engines. Search engine optimization skills will allow you to get high rankings for your chosen niche keywords, which will help to get visitors and make some profit.

The next thing you will have to learn is how to market your website to your target audience. This can be done with links and banner ads, and is especially necessary with a large site. If you are paying for banner ads on a smaller site, you may end up spending more of your profits than is acceptable.

Once you have these skills down you can begin building on them and soon you may become an expert on niche marketing. You can grow to owning many large sites that will can possible provide you with a good, steady income.


Affiliate Links

One of the ways you can make money is with affiliate marketing. You will need to know where to find affiliate links and be able to determine which links are the best for your particular niche site.

The way affiliate links work is a company that has a product or service to sell will pay you to link to their website via your own. It is a method of marketing that is good for the company because, like other forms of tactical marketing, it is below the radar.

Companies may pay you a commission on sales that result from traffic that has been directed through you.

So when choosing a company to affiliate with, you will want to choose a company whose product is likely to sell so you see a good commission.

Another thing to consider is the frequency people will be buying the product or service. It is sometimes wiser to affiliate with a company that will sell an inexpensive product many times throughout the year rather than one that will only make a sale a couple of times a year, even if the commission on the latter is higher.

Well established companies may offer a smaller commission per sale because they know that their product will sell, while newer, smaller companies may offer more, but there is the chance that their sales will not get off the ground.

Besides considering the type of company you are affiliating with, you will want to ensure that the products the company’s site is selling is something that is going to be of interest to visitors of your site. If you have a niche site on plumbing, you will want to have affiliate links to the sites of companies that sell plumbing products, not, for example, auto parts. On the other hand if your site contains content on auto parts, it makes no sense to link to companies selling plumbing tools.

To find an affiliate company to pair with your niche website, you can start by simply doing your own Internet search for companies that sell products that fall within the boundaries of your niche topic. You can then visit their company website for information about their affiliate programs or obtain an email address. There are also companies that handle the affiliate accounts of large numbers of companies so you just have to join their network.


Placing Affiliate Links

It is worth your while to take some time considering the placement of your affiliate links on your website. You will want to place the link in a location that will make it most likely that a visitor to your site will click on it. Remember, every time a visitor clicks on a link, it is a potential sale, which is money in your pocket.

It may come as a surprise, but studies have shown that the most productive affiliate links are plain text links. I’m sure you have seen large, colorful blinking banner ads that litter many websites, and as it turns out they are less effective than a plain old text link.

If someone is reading your article about the niche subject and they come upon the text link, if they are interested in the subject matter they are likely to click on the link to get more information, and possibly purchase a product.

Again, it stands to reason that the link you include with your article will have to have some relation to the product, and vice versa. If you have a great article that links to an unrelated or poor quality product, you are not likely to see much profit. Also, if your article is not compelling, people are unlikely to get to the point of even seeing the affiliate link.

It is a good strategy to place the link within the text of the article. People are somewhat conditioned to click on links they see in content they are interested in and find compelling.


The Resource Box

People go online for many reasons, but probably the largest is for information. And this is because the internet is full of information, after all, is it not known as the ‘information highway’?

Lately people have come to understand the importance of search engine optimization techniques. People have come to see how important it is to have good content to offer their readers. Some sites in fact are nothing more than store houses for article content with links to other product sites.

The resource box is something that is often put at the end of an article that contains the name of the author of the material along with some biographical information, a description of the site that sponsored the article and a link to that site. If the article was good and informative, the reader may want to click on the link to the site that sponsored it and get more information or buy a product.

Just as with everything else, the resource box must contain the right keywords and be enticing in its appearance to encourage readers to follow the links. A good resource box will drive more traffic to your site. If you own a good article, other people will want to put the article on their sites so they have quality content to bring in viewers. If you have a good resource box, you can direct some of this traffic from the site that is using your article to your own site.

Resource boxes should include keywords that will let the reader know what type of information or products are in store for them if they follow the link. Again, there are a number of methods available on the internet for ascertaining the proper keywords to use.

Resource boxes are by nature limited in space, so you will need to be creative. You will want the resource box to catch the attention of the reader, and make them feel compelled to click forward to your site. You won’t have the luxury of big flashy visuals to lure the reader in, but as mentioned before that is often not the best way to go. You will have to rely on the content to raise the curiosity of the reader.

Keywords can also be used to draw in readers. It is important not to deceive the reader with keywords that are not actually related to the subject of the site, or you will lose your credibility. When people follow the information provided in your resource box, they should be receiving quality information that will make them want to return again and again.


Conclusion: The End?

We hope you have enjoyed this discussion of Tactical Marketing and marketing through the use of niche sites.

Remember that when considering employing Tactical Marketing techniques, think unconventionally. This type of thinking is what will make a lasting impression on your target audience and get them interested in your product and service, and most importantly, spread the word for you to their online friends and community.

Tactical Marketing techniques are all about getting the most for your marketing dollar.

You do not want the targets of your marketing efforts to think they are being marketed to, or in any way that they are being ‘played.’ With the right attitude and a creative mind, one can have a lot of fun with Tactical Marketing, and in the process make new friends and greatly increase the recognition of your brand.

Also remember that when employing Tactical Marketing strategies, if one technique is good, several working together are great. Mix and match and come up with your own ideas.

Niche content web sites are a great ways to make money. But do remember that the most important thing is to have quality content on your site. Use banner ads and affiliate sites to increase traffic to your site and provide money-generating clicks.

The better your content is, the more likely you are to attract traffic and retain return traffic. You may have to start out small, but as you learn more you will be able to expand, maybe to have two or three large sites or any number of small niche content sites.

With the tips provided in this guide you are well on your way to employing both the techniques of Tactical Marketing and building a niche website empire

. Keep the forgoing lessons and tips in mind and you should do well and make money from home.

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