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Muscle Building – Eat More, Gain More

Muscle Building And A Proper Diet

When it comes to muscle building, quite a few people get confused when they hear one needs to eat more to gain muscle mass.

Upon first hearing this some people would definitely raise an eyebrow because first and foremost, muscle building or bodybuilding for that matter is exercise. And exercise is something that is always compared to a regulated diet.

muscle buildingHealth buffs who include working out as part of their healthy lifestyles try so hard to control their diet and do so using a lot of different ways and means to keep a disciplined and non-fattening diet to support them in their muscle building activities.

And to gain the muscle and build strength they aim for, they visit the gym as much as possible and sometimes go the extra mile in their budget in purchasing heavy training equipment that will help their muscles grow bigger faster.

How is it possible that eating more helps in the success of an exercise as strict and as strenuous as body building?

Well, this fact is probably the very reason that sets bodybuilding apart from other exercises. And this may come as a shock and one would ask “Why the hell am I busting my ass off with all these diets and heavy equipments then?” But come to think of it, it is actually good news. Who doesn’t want to eat more and get the muscle you’ve been working your butt of for years!?

Before we go gaga over this, let’s first answer the initial question that popped into your head when hearing about this “eat more gain more” thing, so you’ll be in a better position to give a sensible answer should someone asks you about this, especially those you will be sharing this story with.

Now, before you rejoice and throw your diet plan goodbye, listen up – when you are doing some muscle gain exercises and cut off calorie intake by eating less, you are not properly nourishing your muscles with the needed nutrients that will help them grow bigger.

This is where the “eat more gain more” thing steps in.

You need to increase your calorie intake by eating more if you want to build up more muscles. But you have to remember that when we talk about more calorie intake, we are not talking about filling up additional fats in your body.

You increase your calorie so you will gain weight. Eating more to gain weight is different from eating more to get fat. And this differs in terms of the quantity of the food that you take in.

To gain more weight, eat more proteins and fats to give your body the calories that it needs to gain the muscles that you aim for but do not overeat.

It is with overeating that you get the unnecessary fat which hides the cuts and lines that gives your muscle coverage.

And when this diet is the one you pair up your exercises with, you have the perfect couple for your muscle building.

When you eat more while doing muscle building exercises, what happens is that the calories that you take in boosts up your body and intensifies the growth of your muscles.

The calories that will be burned from your exercises will be consumed by the muscle group that you are focusing on to build up.

This way, you are not only getting your muscles bigger but you’re also preventing the conversion of calories into fat.

So we have talked about how to gain more by eating more. Now let’s discuss about how to gain more the fastest way possible.

Free weight exercises are usually present in any exercise program that aims to build up muscles faster. But another way to get those muscles pop up in a flash is by adding in heavy weights in your exercise program.

Many body builders put their hands up to this because of the excruciating torture they experience from repeated heavy weight lifting. And most of the time they scratch it from their program.

No Pain – No Gain

But remember that pain is natural when bodybuilding. And one rule that truly applies in this exercise is “No pain, no gain.”

So you must persevere and endure it all because it’s part of the deal. When you chose to engage in bodybuilding, pain is part of the package.

In fact, pain is essential and a requisite when doing any kind of exercise because it is when you feel pain you know that your body is responding and is eventually growing.

It could be said, pain is a blessing in disguise.

Overeating or Not…

The big question now is how much more should one eat to get the weight gain needed and how will one know whether he or she is not overeating?

This is where you need a nutritionist for. Nutritionists are health professionals that are capable of determining the amount of calories you need to consume to help you build up your muscles based on your body structure.

Do not just estimate, you should never do that. And it is also unwise to follow what other bodybuilders do with their diet because you have different body structures, thus, different body needs.

So what’s appropriate to them may not good for you and vice versa. You really need to be mature about this and get professional help in this regard – so make sure you make a consultation appointment ASAP.

Bodybuilding is basically an exercise that needs proper execution of all the routines involved, coupled with a proper diet, and a lot of discipline, pe

rseverance and patience to get the result you want.

But it is definitely not your ordinary exercise that you should blindly jump into.

However, just remember that these somewhat perplexing pieces of information are all for your benefit.

Certain procedures and precautions must be taken into account in order to ensure not only the perfect outcome but also to keep you in tip-top shape.

With the proper execution of exercise routines and the right caloric intake as prescribed by a professional, you’re on your way to gaining muscle but keeping yourself out of harm’s way because you will be muscle building the safest way possible.

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