Physical and Emotional Abuse Is Evil

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Physical and Emotional Abuse Is Evil

Learning More about Physical and Emotional Abuse   

Emotional abuse is certainly not a nice thing to experience, and for the person on the receiving end, it can be totally devastating.

Being in a healthy relationship can be something, which is exciting for most people yet traumatic for a few.

emotional abuseA lot of people fall under the former category, for what is known as a normal relationship and for these people, they have a lot more love, fun, respect and positive interaction with their partners, which sure beats the heck out of suffering from stress caused by a bad relationship.

A large majority of so called bad relationships are the ones that involve the younger generations, although not always, – and even more so these seem to be young people who have “jumped” in to a relationship without having thought things through, mainly due to lack of experience.

As regards this group of people, there are a lot of reasons why people develop certain traumas when in a relationship.

The reasons may vary but the two main factors that bring about traumatic experiences are physical and emotional abuse.

Physical abuse, as the term implies, is any action by an individual or group towards a person that would lead to harm being caused to that person’s physical well being.

A few examples would be striking, punching, kicking, strangling, pushing, slapping and even head butting.

Although it may seem at first that everything which is done to abuse someone is related to physical force, but this is not always the case.

There are other ways to abuse someone without having the need to actually touch the person.

Some of these forms of physical abuse can even affect a person’s physical, physiological, mental and emotional state simultaneously.

A good example is exposure to harmful environments such as freezing, burning or radiated surroundings. In this case, not only is the subject traumatized directly through physical abuse but also emotional abuse.

One noticeable thing about physical abuse is that it is mostly instigated by men especially where brute force is used.

Women can also be guilty of abuse but it is more common for them to use the kind of abuse that causes emotional damage.

As compared to physical abuse, emotional abuse which is also known as psychological abuse is characterized by exposing a person to behavior that can be psychologically damaging.

It is said that psychological or emotional attacks would have an overall long term effect on a person when compared to physical attacks.

This is probably due to the fact that bumps and bruises, cuts and scratches and scratches – even broken bones, heal faster than any kind of wound to the heart or mind. Just like physical abuse, there are also a lot of forms of psychological abuse.

A perfect example would be verbal abuse which is one of the most prevalent and widely used abuses to date.

In verbal abuse, language with the use of profanity may be observed. It may differ depending on culture and other factors especially those regarding demographics.

There are many reasons why some people seem to lose their self control and become so angry that they would physically hurt someone that they supposedly love.

But when it come to emotional abuse, also known as psychological terror, it is as if the one exerting his cruelty gives the impression that he is cold and calculating because most times they verbally attack and degrade their partner when he can segregate her and block her off from any outside contact and that often includes her family and friends.

Unfortunately, all kinds of abuse happen daily and this is an inevitable truth. It may happen to you or to a friend – even a relative, in any given moment, with or without warning.

Admittedly, it is difficult to combat any kind of abuse peacefully but you must learn how to handle situations like these with a clear mind. Always remember to never use another form of abuse to retaliate unless there is no other course of action to best protect your well being.

Seek help as soon as possible from someone you know that can step in and help you – even the authorities.

No one deserve

s to be abused and every one deserves to be safe and feel happy.


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