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Single Parenting Tips and Great Information

Before getting into this single parenting article, make sure you are confy because it is a very long article.

At times relationships take some unexpected turns that nobody really knows where the path will lead, and partnerships do end and people do end up losing their significant other without really knowing what will happen next. And in these difficult times where circumstances change, one half of the dissolved partnership ends up losing not only the relationship but also a family, as he or she knew it.

Consequently, when these things happen, a fact of the matter is that the remaining partner will need to face the fact that they become a member of the many single parent families in today’s society.

single parentingSingle parent families are common these days and there is no “social stigma” attached as there was not so long ago, so in the light of things that is a change for the better. Because relationships are unpredictable, if couples do decide to go their own separate ways, it leaves not only the scar of a broken heart and feelings of being let down, or betrayed, but also the fear of what the future may hold and the uncertainty of having to take care of the children.

One parent families are often faced with difficulties and problems that affect the families not only emotionally but also financially. While it is difficult to handle single parenthood, the parent faces the challenge it brings with the responsibility to handle each task and looks at each day with strength and courage.

One parent families can be a result of several different factors that affect the family. It may be an option for the parent if the person has undergone divorce, adoption, an extramarital affair, or even a pregnancy among others. It can also be caused by the abandonment of one parent or the death of the other.

Single parenthood is frequently compared to being subjected to poverty as compared to two parent families. Economically speaking, the single parent does earn less than a couple because there will only be one salary as opposed to two.

Single parents will undoubtedly encounter problems that will not occur for couple families. In these circumstances, the single parent can get help and advice from family, friends, and local authority agencies and even online through conversations with other single parents.

When it comes to single parenting, the absence of the other person may cause confusion for the children in the beginning but with proper explanation and guidance, the children will be able to reach an understanding of what is happening within the family. While it is difficult to handle things like this for the parent, help is available in more ways that one person may be able to think of.

While the adjustment to becoming a single parent may be difficult for both the parent and the children, what is important is to stay strong and to help each other out. For the children, it may be difficult to handle the changes brought about by single parenthood. The only way to cope with it is to handle the situation with honesty and openness. Explain the situation with the children so that they won’t be left in the dark as to what is going on. If necessary, join a support group to provide assistance during the dark moments so you will be able to cope with the changes.

Although single parent families may be common these days it does not mean that being in this situation will be an easy undertaking.

While there are people who choose to become single parents for a number of reasons that may be favorable not only for them but for the kids as well, the struggles and difficulties faced by single parenting may be a bit too much to handle compared to parents in couple families.

Look for people who can help. Find a support network that can be of assistance during times of trouble and most of all, seek refuge with the children by being open to them and staying strong. You may not believe if, but things do and will get better.

The life of a single parent can be demanding, with too few hours in the day to get things done.

One of the main concerns of a lone parent is lack of cash and too many money worries. Household finances never seem to buy enough and invoices seem to pour in and your credit card expenses seem to be out of control.

Your household finances can be stretched a lot further if invest a little of your social media surf time into browsing and surfing prices before you buy.

Buying things online does save you precious time, the physical effort of actually having to go out and bring a product home and monetary expense of having to get the gear yourself. This way you save on your bills, on your shopping, your travelling time and expenses – all at a discount and in one click of your mouse.

You can save buckets of cash by taking control of your finances via online banking.

If you have a credit card – ditch it and grab a debit card. Save a fortune in bank charges and interest.


Get Online

If you are internet savvy you’ll know of the cash you can save using e-mail as opposed to snail mail.

Even single parent families can save a ton of cash on national and international calls by calling for free, from home. Check out the voip websites, (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Forget Skype!

Using a Voip service or website, allows you to call any landline phone in your country for free.

Sure, you might have a good deal with your mobile phone supplier but wouldn’t you rather save the allowed data to be used when you want o use it and on something you choose? Of course you would.

It has to be said that some voip services allow free calls to both mobile phones and landline phones, all depending on where you live.

This option is especially beneficial to those who do not own a mobile phone, or those who can only afford the cheapest mobile package.


Single Parents Online

If ever you feel lost or alone you can always join other single parents online in one of the thousands of forums and websites. If you need support, a problem shared with other single parent families is a problem halved – right?

Should you be in the mood for some light-hearted banter – join a chat room and chat with your peers.

Lone parenting can be tough but you don’t have to be alone all the time as a single parent.

Single Parent Finances

It certainly is no bed of roses when money is too little and you seen to be forever thinking of ways to spread your single parent finances further than last month.

Kids cost the same whether you are earning, or not, and when a child has an after school interest it’s only the single parent’s cash that pays the gas back and forth and the insurance and maintenance on the wheels that take care of the transport.

Saving cash is always a good thing, after all, money saved is money earned. Right?

However, always having to look for what is on offer at the local supermarket or last day of sale food is a little sad if you feel you are forced to live this way.

Extra Income

Extra cash always comes in handy but where do we get it from – legally, that is!

If you know your way around a computer and the internet, or not, there are jobs available but it may involve some out of the box thinking, if you have never attempted to earn a second, or third income before.

Parenting has never been cheap and at best money doesn’t stay in the house for too long, if ever at all – even when we have managed to earn some. But no parent wants to see their children do without because of problems with money.

Lone parents are usually well informed when it comes to single parent money saving tips and most surf these kind of tips online in the quest for advice.

The good news is there are ways to earn extra money and all it takes is a little thought, some action and some good old fashioned ingenuity.

You just need to get your creative juices flowing and then use the resources that are available to you. Then you just need to be willing and able… and persistent.

This section of particular article is just to whet your appetite a little and hopefully, if needed, you will be able to draw on your own experiences and put your own plan of action to work.

There are other resources on this website regarding make money online. (Just click the Make Money Online image on that page to read other helpful articles and guides).

Remember, you cannot fail – unless you quit. If you’re a single parent you can make money online.

In fact, lots of money can be made … and to be truthful, you can also be in a relationship too and earn an extra income.

Single Parents Help

Single parenting is a difficult task especially for those who are just starting to cope with the new setup. Being a single parent requires you to be a mother and a father at the same time and sometimes, you might get lost in between the two roles, especially because you have to handle everything all by yourself.

Single parenthood can bring about a whole load of stress for you that sometimes the ability to handle them may seem unbearable.

Knowing what to do when you are faced with these situations is one of the things that single parents often have trouble with. It is no secret that these situations can really be overwhelming and you will feel like you have had the wind knocked out of your sails. But don’t give up.

Even for single parents who have been used to raising kids alone, the responsibility may be too great for them to solely act on. There are single parents help groups and organizations available for every single parent who needs one. The only question is, “How do you seek the available aid?”

One way of getting single parents help is to develop a support group that you can trust when you feel that you cannot handle the confusion anymore.

Your family and your friends are the people that can give you this kind of assistance. If you need help – ask for it!

It doesn’t mean you are weak or that you are failing at something. Your family and friends are aware of you having a tough time but maybe they feel they are imposing on your privacy or sticking their noses in where it isn’t wanted.

If they know you want help, they’ll gather round and support you. Single parenting is done by one parent acting two roles and finding a balance between the two can make the ordeal confusing. People around you can help you in the gender roles that you cannot always play. There are some things that only men or women can explain to your children. If that is the case, you could always seek the help of the people around you.

For example: get a brother or brother-in-law to take your son fishing or to a game, and if you have another child, use some quality time with her. If not, use the time on yourself or to do chores, so you can relax with your child when he returns home.

Another way of finding help is through the online community. Through the internet, you can meet other single parents who may be going through the same things that you are. You can meet other single parents through single parent online dating sites and find someone who can really help or advise you how to deal with your hardships as a parent.

The advantage of these online dating sites is that you get the chance to relax a bit and provide time for your personal life and at the same time, you could air your concerns with another person and share your thoughts about single parenthood.

You can also find help by starting an online job, if that is where your interests are.

Single parenting is a responsibility that requires you to balance your time between your child or children and your job in order to provide them the support they need while growing up. Having an online job can give you the liberty of being a stay at home parent and have more time looking after your kids growing up.

Single parents help is something that you can always find if you look for it in the right places.

Being a single parent is never easy that is why it is important for you to take advantage of all the help that you can get to make sure that your children will get the proper care that they deserve. While keeping a balance between being a mother and a father may be difficult, finding the right people to assist you is the best way to stay in focus and guide your kids toward a happier and more meaningful life.

Let’s move onto to talking briefly about making additional cash.

Home Business

There are so many home business ideas online, that one would think it was easy to just start making money from home.

A lot of people find themselves in a financially embarrassing situation where they really need to earn extra money now.

Everyone who wants their own home business does not need to be able to work online to do so. There are many opportunities available to make cash from home.

How to make extra money

Think about what you like to do or what you can do. Whatever comes to mind, make a note of it. Think of your past experience of what you have worked with and what skills you possess. Again, make a note this.

Work from home opportunities

Part time jobs that may not earn you money every day, but on a monthly basis the money earned will add up to several hundreds of dollars per month, and if you was, for example, providing a service which could be either online or offline, or even both, you would be able to build your very own home business network.

Starting a home business

You could for example, do baking for family and friends for a reasonable fee where you get recommended for your culinary talents to others, thereby increasing your home business income.

Maybe you like to sew and could offer to do repairs and alterations on other parents’ and their kids’ clothes. You could charge a fee or barter your services in exchange for, say, cooking. Thereby you save money on your expenses.

You could offer household services to families where the parents don’t have time to do the household chores.

Perhaps you like decorating – there is always a job opportunity somewhere for someone who enjoys wallpapering and painting.

Maybe office work is what you like to do. There are many companies that always have some work they can offer a WAHM, (work at home mom), on a part-time basis. Find a few small businesses and you have several sources of extra income.

The point is you decide how much work from home you want to do and you plan your time accordingly. This is one way to join the ranks of work at home moms and earn a residual income.

Car pooling or doing the school run is also a great way to interact with other parents, and it is also a great way to subsidize your car expenses, and we must mention to check the terms of your auto insurance policy if you feel a need to do so, because we are not lawyers and do not offer, nor give any legal advice.


Options for Work at Home Moms

If you’re one of the many work at home moms, also known as WAHM and you’re currently stumped for something new to do and earn from, you shouldn’t fret.

Work at Home Moms have so many options these days that they can potentially earn more than those who trudge to their offices or place of work every day. And, as you may know, the perks of a work at home mom extend beyond big paychecks.

With so many options available to you, you can literally have the best of both worlds – that is, a fulfilling career and more quality time with your family.


What are the Lucrative Jobs for Work at Home Moms

There are stay-at-home jobs; and then, there are stay-at-home jobs. They do not stack up equally against each other when using income, time and interest levels as bases.

There will just be jobs where you get to sit in front of the computer, working for hours, and not get paid so much. And then, there are those home jobs that are interesting, flexible and very lucrative. Before you feel the need to ask – yes, they are legal.

On top of the list are stay-at-home jobs for the tech-savvy moms, most, if not everyone, go the internet. This is the new and booming media, and individuals and business owners alike would gain from having some presence in it, in more ways than one.

The job of the techie mom is to harness her potential in the hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunism that are available online.

It could be your forte lies in design and programming, and you could easily become a one-woman design and programming army, and a pillar of support for someone, or some company, that appreciates your skills and commitment. The services of a designer and a programmer are always in demand. It is only a matter of getting your foot in the door.

If you have the talent and skill to do web design and programming, then your next step is to market your services online, and nurture continuous relationships with your good clients. One of the best ways to let people know about you and your services is to put up a website of your of your own that showcases your talent and skills.

Put a portfolio of your past and present work on there so anybody can see and check your expertise online anytime they want.

If you are still new in the “work at home moms” arena and do not have much to show yet in terms of previous or current clients’ testimonials and recommendations, it would help a lot to sign up and become a member of different social networking sites where your potential clients frequent.

Design and programming can earn you a really good income and you can easily earn regular income if you play your cards right.

Next on the list is for the literary moms. The internet runs on content – good content – and the literary mom can also earn a steady, ongoing income here.

If you check out the many project sites online, you’ll notice several postings for writing services. Writing is a gift that you have and nurture; and become good at.

Be aware, if you are not yet already, that the price is set high for good writers. Like in web design and programming, the secret to earning a lot as an online writer is to cultivate your relationship with your good clients. Internet content needs to be updated regularly so you can expect to get follow-up work if you’ve provided good services.

If you don’t have that many writing clients for now, you can just monetize your writing skills by creating your own content websites. There are several online ad programs with fair revenue sharing programs.

If you can right good, informative and interesting articles consistently, then you are bound to attract online traffic. With enough online traffic, you can generate a lot of so called “click throughs” for your advertisers.
In time, this can translate in to some sizeable pay days for you.

If you do not have any of the above skills, don’t despair because there are so many markets and opportunities available for anyone that wants to make money online.

If you still think you do not have the skills to do online work, you are wrong – read on…

Picture yourself selling something, it does not matter what.

Now imagine you know someone who would like to buy whatever it is you have for sale – what do you do? You sell it and hopefully make a profit.
There are many places online where you can sell almost anything and make a profit and a steady income.


Still not convinced?

Picture this scenario – you have your living room decorated and your friends admire the finished result, so you put them in contact with your painter and decorator.

Let’s take another example – you see a movie, or you might have just read what to you was a great article, or a very good book and you relate your experience to a friend. Your friend gets excited at what you have to say and because of your enthusiasm, your read goes to see the same film or read the same book.

By doing what you did, you helped someone get what they want and you were responsible for someone, somewhere making more money.
Even if you feel like a total technical illiterate, you can adapt the same principles online by providing someone with what they want, by finding someone who does whatever it is the said person wants doing. It is very simple.

In the online world, it is called Arbitrage and is not to be confused with settling disputes.

Having said that, and on a lighter note we just want to fleetingly discuss another way to save money –

Ladies Car Insurance

Women are famous when it comes to getting bargains and auto insurance is no exception.

Plus, statistics do state that women are the most careful when it comes to the sexes, as far as driving is concerned, and auto insurance companies have seen the benefits in providing specially tailored insurance polices for females of various age groups.

Car insurance for ladies offer was not created because the insurance companies only want women drivers as customers. Like everything else these financial situations saw there was a market that could give them a fat profit on their returns.

Women’s van insurance, women’s home insurance … the list goes on and on.

This is all very well and good for female drivers, of course, as this means there is money to be saved and it does pay to shop around for the best auto insurance for women.

American English varies from UK English, so it is deliberate that auto insurance and car insurance is mixed in this article. No matter what side of the pond you live on women’s car insurance is cheaper than for a man.

Never accept the first insurance quote you are given for a female driver, because they are just that – car insurance quotes. If you did accept it, the insurance rep will be glad to take your hard earned cash off you.

One thing you should definitely research and that is insurance companies online. The options are tremendous and it can be a little overwhelming if you are not used to surfing for car insurance, or if you are not so sure what search term to use.

You can try with one or more of the following:

Best online insurance companies
• Cheap online insurance companies
Cheap women’s car insurance
• Ladies car insurance
Auto insurance for women over 50


Use any permutation of the words used in female’s auto insurance that you can think of, and make notes of the ones you see online. Make notes of the quotes that interest you.

However – do make sure you read the terms that are associated with each offer. For example does the insurance company offer you a loan car in the event that your own car needs to be repaired?

Do you have medical insurance coverage in the event something untoward should happen?

What about disability insurance to cover potential rehabilitation?

You do not want to save money to such an extent that you do not get the insurance coverage you thought you had got.

The insurance industry is a tough branch to be in – but you can be tough too and do not be afraid to tell one insurance company what the last insurance sales rep offered you – and for what price.

Whether it is ladies car insurance, or the best auto insurance for women over fifty, you just might be surprised at the discounts you can achieve.


Adjust to Being a Single Divorcee

You may have been married for many years, and suddenly you find yourself divorced and a single divorcee.

Many divorcees need help after a failed marriage – maybe from family, friends or a therapist in the form of practical advice. After years being married divorce can be something of a shock.

The best here is to offer practical tips and advice, not sympathy. You don’t want sympathy from a stranger.

As a single divorcee you have to accept that you have to make a new start and get on with your life as a single divorcee.

It is not easy to be single again after being married, even if the marriage lasted only for a few years. Your first task is to assess what you now want from life. Ask yourself, what are your goals, and what do you aspire to?

If your divorce was some time ago perhaps you are ready to date again. Divorcees react to a divorce in their own way and take their own time to get back to a normal life again. No matter what, in time will find your feet again, it will happen day by day.

There is no copyright on marriage as far as divorces are concerned – a failed marriage does not mean you have failed as a person.

Start off by going out with a friend; revisit the places you used to before you were married and build yourself new dreams. You can do things just because you want to do them, not because you have to.

It can take time to recover from a marriage break-up but being a single divorcee also means you are a free woman. A single woman – even if you are a single parent.

You will soon feel part of your own personal community and not like a stranger as you find yourself building your life back again. You will realize that you are once again an individual with your new world at your feet.

In time you will realize that this is wonderful new opportunity for you to learn from past experiences and start again. You have the chance to make new contacts and meet new people.

You could try online dating and have the fun without the commitment, and nobody need even know your real name or where you live. Maybe go travel or start an online business.

Even divorced men need to confirm their status and appreciate a tip now again on a social skill or to share advice

You will have to adjust to your new single life but the best advice is to live your life as you want to in a positive manner.

The best way to overcome a failed marriage is to get an interest. Meet other singles. Join a gym or a fitness class – anything that gets you out of the house and back to living your life as it should be lived.

The best advice that most divorcees can be given in the period just after the divorce is to lean on somebody.

Whether it is a relative, a friend or a therapist, it is important to have a shoulder to cry on and that is non-judgmental. That will help more than anything else until you are able to start looking into the future rather than at the past and the present.

Once you have accepted the situation for what it is, then you will be able to make plans and begin to live your life again as a single person and not think of yourself as a single divorcee all the time.

Single Parenting Facts

In the United States, single parenting facts show that the number of households run by single parents has increased drastically within the last two decades.

More alarming than the increasing population of single parents is the sheer number of these people who give in to emotional distress associated with single parenting. Compared to other groups in the country, single parents are more likely to develop emotional breakdowns or problems. Financial struggles and child rearing tasks usually take their toll on a single parent’s emotional health.

Fortunately, there are ways to maintain their emotional health as single parents and cope with difficulties that come along the way.


Seek Alternatives

One of the most practical options for maintaining emotional health as single parents is to search for alternatives to situations that lead to a lot of stress.

For example, many single mothers perform their childcare and housekeeping tasks once they have arrived home from work. The time spent for those activities could have been used for her rest or relaxation.

A working single mother may consider getting a nanny who can help ease the burden and lower any stress levels by taking on house chores such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the children.

Another option is to enroll your young kids in a daycare center so that you won’t worry too much about the safety of your children while you are away at work, or struggling with travelling time.

Of course, any stay at home relatives could also help you out and perhaps save you money in the bargain.

If you find it hard to balance your responsibilities at home and at work, then your best bet would be taking a work at home job. That way, you can earn money from home, save money on travelling expenses, spend time with your kids, and perform your housekeeping duties and be there for the young ones.


Get Counseling

The most logical way to keep your emotions healthy is to get counseling from a professional. Counseling sessions will help you sort out your emotions such as anger, loss, or resentment that comes from being left on your own to raise your child and from being a single mom or dad. Once you are able to vent your frustrations and put things in perspective, you are more likely to improve the way you handle difficult situations at home.


Devote Time for Yourself

Most single parents tend to tie themselves to a lot of responsibilities that they forget to find time to take a break. That is extremely detrimental to their emotional health as single parents – they might succumb to depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders.

Don’t feel guilty if you have to take a respite from the daily grind of being a single parent. There are quite a lot of single parenting facts that can be found online and from divorced friends that have been tried and tested, and one of then is, taking some time off for yourself does not mean you are abandoning your duties as a single parent. It’s okay to meet up with your friends, go to a spa for a soothing massage, have your hair cut in a nice salon – do whatever you find relaxing and enjoyable. You need to recharge your batteries once in a while – remember, you are a single parent and not a robot.

Leave the housework – who cares if the house looks like World War III was just declared in your living room? Being untidy is not equal to being dirty and unhealthy. You can always wave your magic wand, or choose to do the tidying up when your ex-spouse takes the kids at the weekend. Just pace yourself, so you don’t burn your candle at both ends.
The single parenting facts of life dictate that if you are not careful, your emotions and overall health may suffer from the brunt of difficulties and challenges that you face everyday. That would not do you or your children any good. Follow the advice above and you are on your way to maintaining a good emotional health.


How to Overcome Child Rearing Responsibilities

If you are a parent it is well worth being prepared for eventualities that we hope will never happen – but no one can be one hundred percent certain of what the future holds in store for us.

There are several reasons, as discussed earlier in this article, that can be the cause of families becoming a single parent family such as: divorce, death or serious illness and times can be extremely tough for a parent that is left to look after the kids – so, no matter what your current status is, it could be worth your while reading a few single parenting tips below.

To say that single parenting is twice as challenging as regular parenting, (that is to say having both a father and a mother raise their children together), is an understatement.

A solo parent has to take on multiple roles – breadwinner, housekeeper, and child caretaker – by himself or herself, not to mention that the parent has to adjust quickly to the activities and qualities expected of both parents. For example, a single mother needs not only to take care of her children, but also to support them financially.

On the other hand, a single father has to learn the necessary skills needed in child rearing – a responsibility associated with mothers – besides being the provider in the household.

With their hands full of responsibilities, solo parents have no choice but to step up to the challenge for the benefit of their children.

If you one of them – read the following single parenting tips to know how to overcome the hurdles that could stand in your way.

1. Use your time wisely

Time management is one of the skills you have to learn as a single parent. You need to allocate enough time for activities such as helping your kids with their homework, bonding time with the kids, preparing meals, cleaning the house, doing the shopping and the washing, amongst a very long list of other things. The time you spend for your job should be considered as well. Can you accept extra work without compromising your responsibilities at home?
Set aside some time for yourself. Filling up your schedule with too many tasks can eventually burn you out. It’s important to keep stress at bay, so do find time to do things for yourself, read your favorite books, or meet your friends.

2. Be extra patient

This should be a no-brainer, but a lot of single parents often find themselves in situations where they feel their children are pushing them to the limits.
When things get out of hand, some parents lose their temperament at the expense of their children. Be patient with your child – inevitably, they will test your boundaries. But this is nothing personal – it is just a phase that all kids go through. It’s a part of growing up.
Be patient with yourself, too. Don’t be frustrated if you can’t do or control something. Everybody has limitations, and the same is valid for you.


3. Ask for help

Yes, single parenting entails raising your child by yourself. But that does not mean you cannot ask for or accept help from others.

Your relatives or friends would most probably be more than willing to help you watch over your children, or baby-sit them while you are at work. If you have friends or colleagues who are also single parents, they can serve as your support system to help you get through your daily struggles. They may even offer single parenting tips based on their experiences.


4. Hire a nanny or a babysitter

Perhaps you live far from family and friends and if so, then hiring a child care professional is the best way to make sure that your children are taken care of while you are away from home. Be sure though that the person who will look after your children is trustworthy. Check their credentials.

Do you feel that you can’t leave your children with another person? Then your best option is to take a home based job so that you can earn income without leaving your home.
These single parenting tips are just some of the basics of being a solo parent. As you go along with your parenting duties, you will learn more about how to become the best parent you can be.


Ways to Manage Stress as a Single Parenting

Stress is an inevitable part of single parenting. Your kids gеtting on your nerves, the unpaid bills piling up, the dirty kitchen sink, clothes that need washing, furniture that needs dusting and the dinner that needs to be cooked, not to mention possible disagreements with your ex-partner and financial problems – these are just some of the things that keep a single parent’s stress levels at unmanageable levels.

If you let it happen for a long time, stress may take its toll on your physical and emotional health. You cannot afford that to happen because it is hard to find a person to take over the child rearing, housekeeping, and all the other tasks while you are sick.

To avoid that, you have to find ways to manage stress and single parenting.

How do you cope with the pressures and challenges of being a single parent?

The first step to solve a problem is determining the problem itself.

Psychologists recommend creating a list of causes of your stress…

Are it your kids misbehaving?
• Are you worrying over financial problems?
Is it the overall responsibilities that overwhelm you?
• Perhaps your ex-partner is causing unnecessary disruptions?

Once you know the causes of your stress, figure out how you can address or lessen the impact of these things on you.


There are many ways you can do to cope with stress and single parenting:
• Cuddle your kids and give them a big hug. Nothing beats the thrill of hearing your children’s giggles and guffaws as you crack some jokes, act silly, and enjoy your bonding moments. It is also a good idea to read story books aloud with your children.

• Spend some quiet time alone. Put your worries aside. Meditate. Enjoy the relaxing effect of silence creeping into your senses. Take a hot bath. Do anything that can give your body its much needed rest like listening to music, reading books, or even make an appointment to have a massage.

• Get your body moving. Go for a walk with your children in the park. You can attend yoga sessions if you have extra time and if that doesn’t appeal to you, go see a film at your local cinema. Get out of the house for a whilе.

• Try to get enough sleep. About 7 to 9 hours of sleep can help reduce your stress.

• Free your home of clutter. Sometimes, keeping things clean and organized can significantly lower your stress levels. Enlist the help of your kids to clean every nook in your home. When you are all done, see how relaxing the ambience of your home will be.

• Get a nanny or a babysitter. This will lessen your burden when it comes to doing house chores.

• Look for a job opportunity that allows you to work at home while earning an income. That way, you won’t need to leave your children with another person.

Also, having a work at home job can help you manage stress and single parenting since you will have more time for your children and more income to meet your family’s needs.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection to start your home based job or business. But, do bear in mind that this option means you need to be internet savvy, and if you are not, then you don’t need to add to your stress level by trying to earn money online until you have your life sorted out.

However, you could go online and meet other single parents and exchange ideas, tips and advice and ask how others manage if they are in the same, or similar, position as yourself. A problem shared is a problem halved, as the saying goes.

If you are stressed with all the things you have to attend to as a single parent, then take a proverbial deep breath and take stock of your situation because you need to manage your stress before it gets the better of you.

You are doing this not only for yourself, but also for your children.

It is quite a normal reaction, especially after a divorce, that single parents wonder if they are setting their kids up for future success or failure

That leads to the question as to whether, or not, children of married couples fare better in school and life than kids from single parent households.

Ask this question to any single mom who became one by choice, or circumstance, and you will probably get a vehement no as a response.

Researchers who have conducted multiple surveys and a decade of research reveal, though, that on the average, being raised by only one biological parent does have some negative repercussions on kids as far as school and behavior are concerned.

There are other studies, however, that contradict this finding. In countries with changing social trends, like Japan and the Philippines, (where strong family ties years back may have contributed to low incidences of separation or broken families, but which no longer hold true in the present age), single parenthood tends to have a big impact on educational aspirations of children.

Single parents, research suggests, tend to not involve themselves too much in children’s education. By adopting a lax approach to guiding and supervising kids throughout the school years, a single parent may cause a kids’ academic performance to suffer. Single parents may have varying teaching styles and involvement in their children’s academic lives, but in the end, success in school also lies a great deal in the manner they disciplined their kids to take on responsibilities.

Studies stating that single parenthood affects educational performance and future success of kids are not conclusive. There are actual cases of kids raised by single parents whose situation barely had any impact on their school performance.

There are even some children of single parents, where perhaps one parent met an untimely demise, leaving the family in debt or with hardly the means to have decent meals everyday, who continued to excel in school through a scholarship, eventually graduating and overcoming the vicious cycle of poverty.

Another credible analysis is one that takes into consideration a single mom or dad’s educational background and abilities. Kids of well adjusted moms who happen to be rearing them single-handedly may be raised in a nurturing environment and taught the basics in math, reading, and good behavior.

Well-educated moms with creative abilities and marketable skills are also able to financially swing the dual responsibilities of mother and father.

Children and adolescents growing up with a single mom, but lack a father figure or occasional presence of the biological dad, however, may sometimes exhibit deviant behavior, especially when the not-so-good relations between these kids’ parents leading to the divorce/separation translates to a drop in income.

Economic stress emerges as another factor that may greatly affect children’s academic aspirations.

In any case, incidences of poor academic performance and even juvenile delinquency of kids from single parent households cannot be attributed to or blamed on single parenthood alone.

While economic problems may affect school performance by way of not being able to provide adequate nutrition to keep the child’s mind sharp, there are many other things, including physical and psychological factors, which may affect a single parent’s child’s academic accomplishment and success or failure later on in life.
The bottom line is that single parents living with a single child, or several, do not set kids up for failure, especially if the single parent exerts his, or her, best efforts to provide for the child’s mental, physical, and emotional needs.

There is one person we need to discuss within this article and that is the not so often mentioned single dad, so let’s get to it…


Single Dad

The single dad is a special breed of guy. Beyond preparing three square meals and snacks everyday for his child, he must also take care of doing the shopping, washing, cleaning and cooking, (if he does not have a housekeeper or an assisting family member), and maintain a running dialogue with his child, or children. This is what any responsible parent has to do.

While most single fathers need to work full time, rendering overtime must be avoided as it obstructs spending quality time at home with their kids.

Time management is therefore one of the skills he must master. If important business matters necessitate that he extends his work hours, he must be flexible and smart enough to have a fallback plan, like hiring a reliable babysitter to attend to the kids left at home who need to be fed, and perhaps driven to some after school activity.

Should the child be a youngster the whiz single dad will not overlook such important matters as home safety where he has secured the house and made sure that there is nothing that can potentially jeopardize his child’s safety.

Even when he’s not around, the single dad will have laid out some house rules that need to be followed.

If the child left at home is in the “terrible two” stage, childproofing the home, (which includes having toddler-safe furniture and keeping toxic items and flammable materials out of reach), is a must.

As the child grows, setting aside enough time to teach the child everything from doing his homework to the basics of `the birds & the bees’ to dealing with infatuation and later on, teenage temper storms, stubborn behavior, and angst are but some of the challenges a single dad faces.

He must also familiarize himself with the various changes taking place within his teenage kid, and offer good advice on how to deal with many new and difficult situations.

The single dad, like his female counterpart, may be alienated or labeled as uncool by their teenage child, but remain “cool” about it and consider it as just a phase.

Notwithstanding violent protests for their “intrusive” tendencies, understanding single dads will take it all in their stride and continue to demand that kids list down their schedules and clue them in on their whereabouts late at night or during the wee hours of the morning.

Supportive single dads are able to acknowledge that their teenagers are going through emotional highs and lows caused by raging hormones and affecting their emotional responses, and may continually manifest changes in thinking and behaving.

A single dad may be forgiven for not exhibiting culinary expertise, (though some have mastered the art of whipping up quick yet nutritious meals), but must be able to prepare basic food like a sandwich or fried eggs.

This can save a great deal of money.

Do you recognize the makings of the whiz single dad in your friend or acquaintance?

He may be anywhere – in your office, your place of work, your extended family circle, or your community. He may be the newly divorced new single dad who’s still trying to regain a sense of control over his family’s situation, or he may be one of an increasing number of men on the block who are out to ensure the best interests of their children.

If you do bump into him, pat him on the shoulder, he’s got a whole lot of responsibilities on his shoulders and he’s not letting on that they sometimes weigh him down.

Tip: Kids that protest, answer or shout back, slam doors, angrily protest about the smallest thing are “testing the water” – they just want to make sure, in their own way, that Dad is not going to crack and fold under pressure and the kids are reassured that all is going to be okay ‘coz they have a whiz of a single dad.

It’s the same for single moms too!


Top Five Parenting Tips for Single Dads

If there’s one role that most fathers would dread to find themselves in, it would be that of a mother.

Preparing meals, doing the laundry, getting the children dressed for school, or even changing the bed sheets are among the things most dads would not dare to try unless they are left with no choice – that is, if they were involuntarily forced into becoming a single parent.

Running the household without the help of a female partner can prove to be a daunting task for many single dads. Aside from that, they have to show motherly skills when treating their children and this can be very stressful for single dads because most of them have trouble understanding their children’s feelings and emotional needs.

Are you struggling to be the best solo dad in the world?

Here are five parenting tips for single dads to help you become a good mother as well to your children.

1. Spend quality time with your children

No matter how busy you are, never forget to devote some time for your kids to bond and enjoy each other’s company. Your children will definitely thank you for it. Ideas for bonding are aplenty: playing games, biking, fishing, reading to your child, or anything that both you and your kids enjoy doing.

If you’ve just recently through a divorce, your children may feel awkward in your company and refuse to spend time with you. This is the case if kids are more attached to their mother. Just be patient and understanding – over time, your children will learn to get emotionally attached to you.

2. Help your children express what they feel

This is one of the most challenging parenting tips for single dads. Let your kids know that it is all right to express their feelings as long as they don’t hurt others and they do it with respect. Listen intently to what they say and don’t try to stop them if they feel like crying or letting out their anger. Also, tell your kids that you love and accept them no matter what they feel right now. In the midst of a siblings’ quarrel you can tell your angst ridden child, for example, “It seems you’re upset. It’s okay to feel that way, but it is not all right to hit your brother.”


3. Keep the communication lines open as often as possible

Even if you’re the away from your children, for a short while, find some ways to keep in touch. Phone calls, e-mail, and small sticky notes can do the trick. Put your sense of humor into overdrive, without making an obvious, or unnecessary fool of yourself in the attempt and send silly stories, jokes, or riddles to create some fun even if you are not with your kids.


4. Praise your child for every request or criticism

That way, you make everything light and positive in your home. Also, your children will listen to you in anticipation of hearing something positive from you.


5. Be careful when talking about your children’s mother

Your children may not like it if you speak ill against their mother. If you can’t help cursing your estranged wife for all the miseries she had caused you, avoid doing it within the earshot of your kids. You don’t want to set a bad example to your kids, do you?

As a single dad, you also become mother to your kids. The parenting tips for single dads discussed above will help you get that maternal instinct in your daily dealing with your children.

Whatever happens, your kids need you and they need you to be strong. You will be the glue that keeps your small family together, and carry them through thick and thin.

Also, while it is natural to spoil your children, do remember that it is not your job to try and be your children’s’ best friend – your job is to be the best Dad you can. So, don’t give in to a son, or a daughter, because he or she plagues you for something – stand firm just as you would have done before you all became a one parent family.
These parenting tips for single dads are just a guideline but they have been proven to work but bear in mind, there are no set rules that are carved in stone so if ever things get to be too much, remember to ask family or friends for help so you can take a time out for yourself.

Irrespective of whether you are a single dad, or a single mom, there will likely come a time when you will be in the market for a new partner.

If and when that times arrives, there very well could be some skills that you will need to update yourself with. Of course that depends on various factors like, for example, how long your marriage, or steady relationship lasted, and whether or not you know how to navigate the internet.


Single Parent Dating

Dating as a single parent can be quite tough, especially for your child. It can be very hard to balance your personal life and family life. Although dating is a natural part of our adult lives, dating as a single parent is quite different when compared to dating as a single, unattached person.

For one, dating is no longer about you anymore. It’s about your kids, as well. You now have to consider your children’s feelings toward your choice of new partner.

Are they still grieving over the divorce or the loss of their other parent? Or are they open and enthusiastic on your behalf, about the idea of you getting back to the dating scene? You need to know when it’s too soon or too late to start single parent dating.

Never show the kids that you are a casual dater. Bringing home different dates every night will hurt and confuse your children, or worse, cause them to resent your date. Bringing dates too early on will cause a lot of stress for you, your kids and your dates.

Never, ever bring dates home unless you’re very sure there’s potential for a long term relationship with the date you’re seeing, because this can be the cause of some concern no matter how old your kids are. If your ex-partner still sees the children, then the children can stay over at their “second home” every second weekend, or whatever arrangement works best for both parents, and kids.

Be honest with your children and dates. Do not keep dating a secret to your kids. Instead, let them know you are currently dating but do not force them into meeting your dates unless it’s already serious.

Make sure that your dates also know that you are a single parent early on. Tell them your priorities: that your kids will always come first. If this is a problem to the person you are seeing, break off the relationship as soon as you can.

A person who is jealous of your children is not worthy of your love and your time and you will only ever meet misery and conflicts if you are silly enough to continue such a relationship.

Dating is not a race. It’s not about being able to take multiple dates at the same time or dating the hottest catch out there. With single parent dating, do is slowly and surely.

Far too many single parents are tempted to jump into a serious relationship without taking the time to know their partners first, and that could be a terrible mistake!

Dating is not some compulsory thing you must do before you reach a certain age – it is voluntary, so stay calm, cool and collected and take things as they come.

Once you’ve found someone worthy of a long term relationship, introduce them to your kids slowly. The first time should be a mere quick date, such as a trip to the ice cream parlor. Follow by a family date to a baseball game, a trip to a water park, etc. Gradually allow more time between your partner and your kids so they can get to know each other at a slow and steady pace.

Listen to your kids and always reassure your children. Tell them and retell them that they are your first priority, and nothing will separate your love for them with your new relationship. Explain clearly that dating is a normal process in adult life, but it will not change or diminish your love for them.

If you are happy and relaxed, so will your kids be and they will sense your happiness and sincerity and feel secure knowing that you still have their best interest at heart.
Single parent dating is dating with responsibilities. Still, it doesn’t mean dating will be less the fun and excitement. If you keep your commitments and priorities straight, dating as a single parent will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Looking on the bright side, due to the high divorce rates, there are more potential partners that have experience with kids as they have kids of their own and are probably well versed as to when one needs to tread wearily and how things are on the home front as a single parent. So it isn’t all doom and gloom.


Single Parents Dating Sites

Even though you may be a single parent, you may be looking for someone to talk to and to reach out to in times of shortcomings and hardships, or when you happen to have some alone time – for example if your child is staying with his other parent for the weekend.

It may be a hard task because you may have gone through several episodes in life that you don’t want to go through again. You may want to find someone who is different and one who will be able to understand the things that you have to handle as a single parent.

Well, instead of jumping out on to the dating scene again, take things slow and at your own pace. Make a cup of coffee, or grab a glass of your favorite beverage and park yourself in front of your computer and sign up to an online dating site.

As you probably know, single parents dating sites are internet websites that allow you meet other single parents and singles and get a chance to meet them and talk to them.

Because the person that can understand what you are going through is a person who most probably experienced the same as you have. These dating sites give you a chance to meet other people and to interact with them.

Being a single parent requires you to give your full attention to your children which may often lead to you neglecting your personal life. Sometimes, because you need to look after your children all the time, you tend to forget that you have your own life. In most cases, even if you know that you need to interact with other people, the people who are around you are not likely to get involved because of the fact that they knew you already have children.

Single parents dating sites are designed so that you can meet people outside your community and in a comfortable online environment. The goal is to provide services for single parents who are looking for other singles and who wanted to have a long lasting relationship in the long run.

Because of the presence of these dating sites in the market, single parents are given the chance to meet other people elsewhere and to potentially establish relationships. While these sites may help you to explore a different side of dating that you haven’t thought about yet, think about how your children may react to it and take things slowly.
You may be able to find a dating relationship but you have to make sure that you are in a committed relationship before introducing the other person to your children.

Also, you should envisage someone you might like in a long term relationship and see how he could become a part of your family in the future.

If you have not yet determined for yourself if your relationship with someone is intended for the long-term, do not go rushing things by introducing the person immediately to your children and risk them getting attached to the person and forming some kind of bond.

Before you separated from your ex-partner your child was already close to them and you don’t want to risk introducing them again to a painful experience that they don’t exactly deserve when it can very easily be avoided. It is also extremely important that your children do not feel guilty about liking, or accepting, your new partner or thinking that have chosen your date over their estranged parent.

Single parents dating sites may give you the accessibility to someone who could be a lifetime partner or may allow you to meet someone that could be the person you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

These dating sites may give you a chance to r

econnect with yourself and give you a chance to take on new relationships.

Dating someone you met online may be a big step toward your future happiness. But if your children are very young, do remember that your decision to love someone in the long term can have serious effects on them so make sure to include them in your plans and try to find someone who will grow to love them as much as you do.

Feel free to add any concerns or comments you have further down this page and also view and read a few more of our other articles.

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