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When Dating Single Teenage Moms

Single Teenage Moms Are Already Spoken For

There are quite a few things to consider when dating single teenage moms, and if it isn’t something you have thought about before then let us draw your attention to a few things, which by the way is not to say there is something wrong with dating a single, teenage mom – on the contrary.

You are a teenager and love dating fellow teenagers of the opposite sex. You meet a great girl, with a great personality, and the two of you have plenty of things in common. You two undoubtedly have great chemistry, but there is one catch: she’s a single mom.

single teenage momsSingle teenage moms are now common, and not just in the United States. There is a huge surge in pregnancy cases of girls 20 years old and younger. Most of them do not result in a marriage and the girls are left raising the child on their own

Dating for single teenage moms can be hard, as many guys are discouraged with the fact that she already has a child to bring up.

And, as a guy, with full respect for single moms everywhere, there are many reasons why you should perhaps be discouraged.

For one, there is a very important third party to take into consideration  – her child.

Since becoming a mother her priorities will no doubt have changed and heading that list of priorities will be her child.

Consequently, all her decisions and every thing she does, and will do for a long time to come, will depend greatly on the needs and wishes of her child.

All too often, single teenage moms are looking for date potentials with the following requirements:

  • Someone who will be a perfect role model and be like a real father for her child, to help her raise and care for him, whist also taking on all the responsibilities expected of apartner.
  • Someone who will help pay the bills, someone who is financially stable.
  • Someone who will help maintain her sanity from all the stress and pressure in a single mom’s life.


If her child gets sick, needs braces, needs to go to summer camp, a single teen mom may not be able to afford this, so someone who is willing to assist in helping out with the expenses is always welcome.

Of course, this is not to say single mums are looking for someone with more cash than brains, but whether we like it or not, there is no getting away from the fact that finance does play a vital part in any relationship.

If you two go out on a date, she will have to hire a babysitter. However, she cannot do this often as it can get to be quite expensive. Thus, most of your outings will seldom be a “you and me” thing, so she will need to bring her kids along as well.

You will be paying for additional meals, movie tickets, plane trips and other expenses that come up when the kids tag along too.

Forget any spontaneous activities and surprises. Forget sleepovers at your place – or at hers, for that matter.

Wouldn’t it be awkward to wake up in the morning and see the confusion on her child’s face at her bedroom door, wondering what you were doing in mom’s bed?

Also, the single mom’s child still has two sets of grandparents and when you proudly take your new family to visit your parents, how will every one react? Your parents are not related to what will be your step-child or step-children.

The children’s father is another consideration. Although the mom is already probably separated from the child’s dad, he will still have an influence in the family’s life. After all, the children are his. Not yours.

If the children are attached to their dad, they may gang up on you and see you as the bad guy in the story. In the end, the odds are almost always on his side.

If your love is so great and you are committed and willing to sacrifice your time, responsibilities and practically every thing else, to the success of your relationship with a teenage mom, then go ahead.

A relationship with a teen mom is not impossible, but it does require a lot of hard work. O

nly a rare few have the commitment, patience and understanding to be able to date a single teen mother.

We will add – we are not talking about divorded dads here, but rather single guys who could very well be attracted to a single mom.

If you ae willing to work for it, go for it – because it can be done and single moms have a lot to offer the man in their lives.



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