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Affair or Not

An affair could be a so called “fling”, or it could be a more in-depth relationship with someone other than your husband, or wife.

And at the risk of sounding like an old record, “actions have consequences” and if you are thinking of having an affair, remember to “treat others, as you wish to be treated yourself”.

A marital affair usually starts with proximity – and one scenario could be where you and a colleague share almost anything and everything in the office.

You spend long hours finishing projects, you share the same work space, and you’re always together during lunch breaks.

You’ve seen each other at your best, (showcasing brilliance during presentations), and worst, (unwashed hair and body odor when having all-nighters just to beat a deadline).

Signs of an Affair

affairThen suddenly, you get this warm and fuzzy feeling when he’s around. The heady mix of stress and accomplishment seem to create an aphrodisiac that attracts office mates toward each other. The results are office relationships.

As much as people tend to be more jaded towards this kind of romance by dismissing such as a momentary and illicit affair, the office has also been a place for blossoming relationships that eventually end up in marriage.

Although a lot of offices do not really tolerate these types of relationships, a growing number of them have also been tolerant and rather passive about them, letting them happen without official opposition or reprimand.

All serious relationships that are started need to be worked at and cared for so that they can grow and prosper into happy, loving and long lasting relationships – and an office relationship is no different, providing it is one that consists of two mature and single adults that wish to enter into such an agreement.

Some work places may have rules about employees being intimately involved with each other, and if this is the case where you work and you are serious about your career in the company you are in, then either you must end the romance or find yourself or your partner another place to work.

If it is okay for couples to work in the same environment, there could be just too many issues that two people in a relationship face, and the situation could get stickier if they share the same workplace.

If both of you are adamant in making the relationship work no matter what, then you might want to take some precautionary measures.

First up, you need to practice caution and act professionally while inside the office.

Although you cannot help it if there are gossip mongers in your office to make a feast out of your romance. But, you will need to address the issue of when do you get serious at work and when do you spend “quality time” together.

You need to differentiate these two, or else you and your partners’ quality of work and productivity will come into question, and you need to draw the line between when you can be casual with each other, (which should never be in the office), and when you should be professional, (which should be all the time).

Even before getting into any kind of relationship, people should acknowledge the possibility that it may not work. Which, of course. could potentially become a huge problem.

What if such a romance did not work and the both of you would still need to work alongside each other? That would be miserable for the both of you, and eventually someone’s work will suffer. One of you may have to leave the office to diffuse the situation.

How To End An Affair

Be sure to have a plan in case this happens if you are really bent on pursuing this kind of relationship.

Know what is more important to you – your personal relationships or your career – and if you are married already, think of your family.

Of course, there are also the office relationships that are based on at least one person, possibly two, having an extra marital affair with a co-worker.

This is very dangerous territory because, it goes without saying, an affair of this kind would be entered into under the cover of secrecy and with a great price to pay if it was discovered and not only by the implicated couple.


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