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Work at home moms are truly a force to be reckoned with, and this statement is by no means meant as anything but a compliment.

One of the most difficult tasks that women have been faced with since they entered the workforce over fifty years ago is where they have learned to balance both their careers and their family life.

work at home momsThis work-life imbalance has led to many family conflicts, and has been the cause of many a heated argument and even many instances of divorce, division of family, and further splintering of the strong ties that used to bind families together, when women were still confined to their hearths and kitchens as homemakers.

These days, with two or even three-income families becoming a virtual necessity during difficult economic times, women have been forced to juggle their home life with two or three jobs all at once.

The work-life balance, which many women have always been striving to reach for, has often become an elusive hope – something that couldn’t be seen to come to fruition for the last half of the twentieth century.

In the so called good old days, a woman’s place was at home jobs were for the men.

There is, however, a growing trend in quite a few countries today that has seen a virtual turnaround for women in finally reaching that elusive work-life balance.

With the recession on hand to give them a perhaps somewhat involuntary push, many women have been evicted from the workforce, thanks to a staggering economy.

Faced with this situation, working mothers have been forced to evaluate their skills, and to look for ways with which to re-cement their families’ incomes, or else lose their homes and possibly face bankruptcy.

Enter the reinvention of career women practically everywhere – as work at home moms.

WAHMs – A Force To Be Reckoned With

Many of these former career women and female office workers are starting their own businesses from the comfort of their own homes.

A good number become freelancers, providing services to large companies for lower rates. And without a boss hovering over them, just giving orders and causing stress, a lot of women are realizing their new found status is actually a lot more beneficial than they could ever have dreamed of.

Having to do away with expensive investments in office wear, totally eliminating the dreaded two-way commute, turning their backs on having to deal with tyrannical bosses and obnoxious co-workers, women are rejoicing at the savings in gas, car upkeep, office lunches, time, stress, and neglected family life.

With home businesses, freelance services, or other work from home jobs to earn them money, many women are finding more and more time to spend with their families while continuing to bring in money to pay the bills.

As work at home moms, women have the luxury of setting their own hours, and scheduling their business activities around children and household chores.

Childcare expenses are cut to a minimum, and women find themselves actually being able to do away with daycare and babysitters as they are around more to take charge of caring for their children, and this translates to additional savings. Money saved is money earned!

Work at home moms find that they have become adept at time management.

They have become more relaxed and less harried, without having to worry about waking at unholy hours to get ready for work and beat rush hour traffic, or rushing to the supermarket after work to assemble the makings of the evening meal.

In addition to this, an increasing number of work at home moms are finding out that they can make even more money working from home than they had at their old jobs.


incentive of being able to be with their children up close during each milestone and finding enough quality time to spend with their partners while earning more than enough for the family to live on remains unequalled.

With this growing trend for work at home moms, the scenario of over fifty years ago, where women were keepers of their families’ hearths have returned, albeit with a difference.

Working from home has empowered many women, making them more independent, but bringing them even closer to their families, and enabling them to build up family unity once more, from the ground up.

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